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Day one of NFL Free Agency…and this week’s musings…

Today’s first hours of NFL free agency kicked off with Tennesee Titans Defensive Lineman Albert Haynesworth signing a $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins. Why is this important information? I saw today organizations forecast 85-95% confiscatory to pay for some existing and some of the programs being introduced with our newly released $1.75 trillion budget deficit.

So, in that instance, Haynesworth will potentially take home only $5-15 million of his contract. Now, keep in mind, that’s not likely to happen anytime this year, so he’ll get the bulk of his contract, but still a frightening tax-level.

In Denver news, two utility Running Backs, a safety, and a long-snapper signed with the Broncos today. Here’s hoping that Bertrand Berry or someone of his caliber with a similar love for the Mile High City, decides to sign in Orange and Blue.

We obviously need some LBs & Defensive linemen, I’m hoping for a monster pick-up in the running back department ala Terrell Davis, but not in the first round or two.

It seems Denver should be in place to make a playoff run, but only if the Chargers keep AJ Smith as GM and Norv Turner as coach. If by chance, they replace Turner with Ron Rivera, it seems likely they would run over the rest of the division.

One thing is for certain, the Donkeys have drawn a VERY difficult schedule next season, and will be lucky to have a winning record. As long as the Raiders and Chargers stay down, I’m okay with it.

I would have loved to see Shanahan signed with the Chiefs, one, I feel I have more in common with Chiefs fans than Raiders or Chargers fans, two, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. A rejuvenated and motivated Shanahan could have brought the Chiefs to the #2 spot in the AFC West in the next season or two.

Leaving the McDaniel’s led Broncos to split that series, and decimate the California teams to establish division dominance.

Back to politics, between my columns and some of my comments in classes, I sense people probably try to label me as a Republican. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I find myself nauseated by the Republicans and their demonstrated lack of adherence to the Constitution, likewise the Democrat’s habit of redefining the issue to suit their needs.

Democrats are responsible for the so called “progressive” movement in government. Progress which includes instituting plans to remove most personal responsibility notions, i.e. health care, social security. Nevermind the fact that our Constitution was established as an intentional limit on Federal government’s scope. “The founders couldn’t fathom the idea of health care, so it’s in our interest to insure every man, woman and child in the country.” WRONG!!

The founding fathers had more foresight than any 535 current politicians. They understood the tyranny of power, they realized they had to establish limits on government, step back, and let the states do everything else.

Why would they want the states to do everything else? You might ask. Well, because they ensured states couldn’t print their own currency, likely ensuring that states would operate with balanced budgets.

In modern day politics, there are no term limits outside of the White House, so the only motivation for politicians is to say and so whatever they can or want to get re-elected. The collective US conciousness needs to wake up! These bastards have done nothing less than ruin the economy, the budget, and the image of the US.

Republicans took us off the gold standard, are primarily responsible for the USA PATRIOT Act, and have discusses Constitutional amendments banning flag burning and gay marriage. REALLY?! One of those is covered by freedom of speech, the other is covered by the Supreme Court’s finding of a right to privacy.

These pricks are so equally horrendous in terms of keeping the Constitution as the guide to the federal government, it feels hopeless at times.

Why is Constitutional adherence not insisted upon by the US voters? Why have we not stood up and shouted to the top of our lungs, “IF IT’S NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION THEN STOP DOING IT!!!”

The discussion of 2nd Amendment Rights is absurd. “Shall not be infringed.” What? “The right to keep and bear arms.” Whose? “The PEOPLE.” What does that mean. The PEOPLE is the citizens of the US. Not the states, not the police, not the military. It is a personal Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and that right “shall not be infringed.” Since when did the founders write anything obscure? SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!! Doesn’t mean, “until a group of people come along believing that disarming law-abiding citizens will result in a safer society.” No, it means absolutely, under no circumstances, will that right be even slightly affected by laws. Because the PEOPLE have to be kepts safe from tyranny, and ARMS, will ensure that end.

Why do I focus on the 2nd Amendment? Because Eric Holder, President Obama’s Attorney General, declared this week that the administration will seek a renewal of the misnomered Assault Weapons Ban. Why? Two words, liberal agenda.

They LOATHE the idea of you being able to protect yourself without the government’s intervention. What’s worse? They DESPISE the fact that you may refuse to pay 85-95% taxes, and that you may be able to defend yourself when they come to collect.

The left, from what I can tell, wants total government control. Why? No idea. For whatever reason some people believe that socialism/communism works. I don’t comprehend this.

The US System worked for 150 years before FDR ruined that streak. Since then, in my mind, it’s been a steady downhill tumble.

Now, the ban that was purported by the left to have an immediate impact on street crime (which had ZERO effect on crime, because, as some of us knew, semi-automatic rifles are RARELY USED IN CRIMES!!!), is being brought back under the guise that the US feels responsible to stop the influx of semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines to the Mexican drug-cartels.

Now, wouldn’t the logical way to go here, be to end the Drug War instead? Wouldn’t that effectively put the Cartels out of business? Further, wouldn’t that allow the states to determine which drugs they want to stop, and which they don’t?

Let the states write their own drug laws, but my guess is, they won’t be needed. Put them in the same sales tax as tobacco/gasoline tax nationwide, and reverse the flow of drug money.


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This week’s revised Collegian column…

Same party legislature a huge mistake

By Seth Stern

I had a revelation this weekend while reading columns and articles from publications around the nation. It occurred to me that the population of the U.S. overall, is almost indescribably dumb.

Of course I don’t mean this about the individual people of the U.S.; most of the people I know are thoughtful, intelligent and somewhat-well-spoken. I mean this as a generalized observation of the group.

You may be asking yourself, “Where does he get off?” The voters of the U.S. spent six of the last eight years witnessing the utter destruction wrought by a president with a compliant legislature of the same party.

I certainly don’t blame the population of the U.S. for demonstrating their distaste for George W. Bush last November. To vote in a rubber stamp legislature along with President Barack Obama is further proof that the U.S. voters, as a whole, are a few IQ points short of Forrest Gump-like intellect. Further proof exists in the 14 percent Congressional approval rating prior to the election, invalidated a month later when 95 percent of incumbent Representatives returned.

Take a look back through time, Democrats passed the assault weapons ban and rightfully paid the price the next election.

Ronald Reagan said in his inauguration address, “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.” He then proceeded to ask the legislature to pass a law to increase the statutory limit of the federal deficit to over $1 trillion for the first time.

Republicans and Democrats combined for the single best example of legislative stupidity, the USA PATRIOT Act.

Today we have a rubber stamp legislature, a Republican minority with zero credibility and a nation of people who think the government will solve their problems. Evidence of this lies in a 70 percent approval rating for a man who pushed through a bill to borrow more money –– with a deficit –– to spark an economy suffering because of government interference, while cutting taxes, discounting the entire Republican party as also-ran whiners while lavishing in the glory of being more than a mere mortal.

Last Thursday, Jon Stewart grilled former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu regarding the Republicans newfound “religion” of fiscal responsibility.

This is the type of idiocy perpetuating the nation. I love Stewart’s humor, and in fact defended him to family members who thought he was a left-wing hack. I said at the time he picks on the idiocy of politics; the right wing makes it easy for him.

Now it’s obvious to me that, like most of his fellow New Yorkers, Stewart thinks government will solve any problem. Everyone knew after the election that the GOP would have to return to their roots, or reinvent their image altogether. They finally start saying no to the executive branch, but it’s too late and their motives are suspect.

We even had local evidence of the phenomena of “government will save us,” last week.

Two freshmen in last Friday’s Collegian news story, “Wary of Weapons,” said they didn’t see any need for someone to legally carry a firearm in school. They apparently believe that if someone decides to go on a rampage i.e. Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc., the CSU Police Department will magically appear on their uber-Segways within seconds to stop the threat.

Next time you’re sitting in a classroom, think how many people may be hurt or killed in the next three or four minutes if someone walks in with one or several firearms and opens fire. A legally armed student is likely your only hope.

The philosophy of expecting government to protect you from either physical attack or economic recession requires a positive outcome.

Remember, government brought us Vietnam, USA PATRIOT Act, income taxes, the assault weapons ban (extremely expensive legislation that accomplished nothing), Operation Iraqi Freedom (nearing $2T), national speed limits (didn’t work), Hurricane Katrina’s non-response, Social Security (bankrupt), Medicare/Medicaid (hope it’s not serious), and recently the Generational Theft Acts one and two.

Social Security is a problem, not in 34 years, as the politicians would love to claim, but in 9 years. This week I had a poli sci professor say in class that we obviously needed a short term fix to get us through the recession. Bullshit. It’s that kind of short-sighted glad handing of the voters that’s gotten us into this mess. If one generation of politicians had stood up and said, we have to take measures for the long term, for our grand-children sake, we may have gotten through this already.

But that’s not going to happen. Politicians will continue to shift blame, say it wasn’t their fault, will continue to expand government further and further. What politician can you think of willing to say “Social Security is an albatross around our neck. We have to get rid of it, or overhaul it.”?


My suggestion, were it requested, would insist upon the immediate death of the Social Security Trust. Which allows the government to place IOUs in place of the actual SS revenues, into holding for a later time. It’s how Clinton had his mythical “surplus” when he left office. He didn’t, he was using SS monies to pay for other programs.

How is this idiocy allowed to stand? Why are we not marching in the plaza? Why is this not the ONLY thing that matters to our generations? The Baby Boomers have served to destroy the federal government, the economy, and baseball. When are we going to put a stop to it?

When is today’s generation going to stand up, and shout at the top of their lungs, “WE’RE TIRED OF THIS LUNACY!!”?

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Call or write your congressperson and senator, tell them to address the problem immediately, tell them to stop taking out loans in our names, because dammit, we don’t deserve to pay for this mess!!

“The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.” – Winston Churchill. I hope we are running out of alternatives.

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Page 19, the first column I wrote…

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Financial stimulus…damn.

Two stories caught my eye this week, and not for good reasons. First a story confirming that American consumers have learned that borrowing is not the way to live, to the detriment of the current politicians, who desperately need the people to attempt to do a personal version of exactly what the government is doing; borrow their way out of debt.  This becomes a problem when the consumer avoids increasing their debts, if only our legislature had a clue. On a related note, Barney Frank has got to be among the worst politicians in the world, this guy never takes responsibility when his party does something wrong, when the housing collapse took place he was on every news channel blaming the Republicans for their failed policies, apparently not realizing it was Democrat legislation that lowered the lending standards in an effort to ensure anyone in America wanting a home, could buy one (regardless of whether or not they actually should).

Second; a story about the actual amount of debt rung up between the stimuli and mismanagement of the Federal Reserve. Now, this information regarding that money, combined with this information, along with some simple division…if the $9.7T was divided equally among those who filed returns for 2005 (it’s likely gone up a couple million), everyone who filed a tax return would receive a check from the US Gov’t for an amount of roughly $72,000 EACH!! Want to talk about stimulus? Economic stimulation would definitely take place with that type of infusion.

I still have a major problem with the current inflationary system. No country should issue or produce currency in excess of its reserves of precious metals or tangibly valuable assets. For instance, Saudi Arabia could certainly have a currency amount worth 80% of their Oil reserves, same with the US and gold reserves, so on and so forth. But this valuing the currency against other currency is just bad and stupid policy.

George Washington said, “No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own existence.” Here is NY Senator Charles Schumer, just this week, explaining modern philosophy on the taking out of new debt, not payable by his generation.

We’re scrod sportsfans. We have elected a leadership willing to do whatever they want, regardless of the needs of the nation.

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Thoughts on the economic stimuli…

This afternoon I read that the Democrats in the Senate believe they persuaded three Republicans to sign onto the stimulus package:

Now, I appreciate what the current legislature is attempting to accomplish:  re-election.  But, I really wish they’d stop trying to pretend what this is or is not about.  Our economy is in recession.  We all know this, but our economy has been growing based on borrowing, living beyond our individual means (credit spending), and exaggerated real estate prices.

“One, it was Democratic president Bill Clinton who in 1999 made a particular point of encouraging US banks to lower lending standards to allow more people from racial minorities to buy their own homes. That decision is now widely viewed as the genesis of the 2007 sub-prime meltdown.

Two, it was the Democrats in that same year, 1999, who were instrumental in voting to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, a Depression-era bill specifically put in place to limit the ability of banks to damage the US economy by taking excessive risk.”

In recent events, current Congressman from the Democrat side of the aisle, denied any wrongdoing which may have contributed to the real estate collapse.

So what do we take from this?  Well, since FDR, essentially the expanded powers of Congress have included passing any legislation asked by a President of the controlling party.  (See:  Clinton, B., and Bush, G.W.)  FDR brought us the New Deal.  A failed plan of economic rescue based on creating government jobs in times of high unemployment.

“As the Great Depression persisted, even Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau admitted that the New Deal had been a failure. On May 6, 1939, he confessed, “We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. . . . We have never made good on our promises. . . . I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. . . . And an enormous debt to boot!””

Today we have a legislature passing almost $1 trillion in new “stimulus” that equates to mortgaging the future, to stay in power today.  The baby boomers will die with the nation in debt, today’s 18-30 generation will die with the nation under that same debt, this new stimulus ensures that tomorrow’s generation’s grandchildren will die in this debt.  We now expect that the cure for reckless borrowing and spending, is more reckless borrowing and spending.  Take a look at the breakdown of the stimulus if you don’t believe me.

These politicians are destroying the financial future of the nation, because they don’t want to be viewed as modern day Herbert Hoovers.  Hoover, for those who don’t remember, correctly allowed a recession to take its course.  The only cure for recession is recession.  People are starting to save their money and pay off debt.  This prevents credit spending, which stimulated the economy into the leviathan it is today.  Everything taking place, just needs to take place.  Anytime someone tells you that government should step in during a recession, is arguing that economy should ONLY EVER grow.  That means there is no limit to the economy in their view.  Ugh.  I’ll leave a couple of videos to summarize a few of the concepts.  Enjoy them all.

Fred Thompson explaining the stimuli theories:

Newstopia (Australian Daily Show) explaining the Reserve Bank:

Newstopia explaining the effect of inflation:

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The Cardinal’s have won the toss, they’ve elected to defer…

Welcome to The Indispensable Libertarian Manifesto, I’m Seth Stern and I am on point for this journey. I’m originally from Granby, Colorado, and having been born in 1979, I am among the handful of students who remembers Ronald Reagan, John Elway losing 3 SuperBowls, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Michael Dukakis, and the 1980s.

I left Granby in October of 1997 to join the Air Force as a member of Security Forces, aka police, security, and infantry for the Air Force all in one convenient package, (now with Kosher meals). While in the USAF I traveled first to F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming. While in Wyoming as a member of the most powerful military unit in the world (not an exaggeration), I deployed in support of Operation Southern Watch to Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait. I returned to Cheyenne 4 months after I left, and got back in May of 1999. 18 months later I was on my way to Clear AS, Alaska, and spent all of 2001 stationed there.

As we all know, there is a day in mid-September of that year where everyone remembers where they were. I’m no exception, but I’ll talk about that later on in the blog. I left Alaska in January ’02 for Hill AFB, just north of Salt Lake City, got there just as the Olympics were kicking off. Just after arriving in Utah I departed for San Antonio, Texas for 10 weeks of lateral training, meaning learning an associated, but different job. That job was Combat Arms Training and Maintenance. My new job entailed instructing the proper, safe, and effective use of firearms for those required to utilize them either in day-to-day duties, or just prior to going overseas. We (between 3-10 of us) also inspected, repaired, and performed maintenance for every firearm on Hill AFB. While at Hill I bought a house, 2 Siberian Huskies (Ice & Storm), and was married and divorced. Good news? I kept the dogs and the house.

In the summer following my divorce I was informed that I was assigned to a shop that had an overage of people of my rank and job code, and that there was a shortage at another base in the command. Short version; I was chosen to leave Utah for the east coast and December of 2006 I rolled out of Utah with “The Blizzard,” Comet the obese cat with halitosis, and my best friend, on my way to Massachusetts. While stationed in The Bay State, I was forced to sell the house in Utah, and was successful, I attended roughly 2 dozen Boston Bruins NHL games, 5 Red Sox games at Fenway (2 home openers and Game 1 of the World Series against the Rockies, and I was on the field for that one).

In Spring of 2008 I was medically retired from the USAF for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, which was a continuation of a diagnosis in childhood, and came back to normal, high altitude, low oxygen life. I initially started CSU in the Zoology program, but hated it, I happened to be attending a Journalism class at the time which I loved, and have shifted my focus to Journalism, Political Science, and Sociology.

This blog will focus on two areas of interest for me, sports and politics.  I’m a Libertarian, and a homer, meaning I back Denver sports.  I also happen to back Boston sports, and can give a good reason for all four teams.  I will be speaking to whatever grabs my fancy during the weeks ahead, and look forward to the experience.

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