The Cardinal’s have won the toss, they’ve elected to defer…

Welcome to The Indispensable Libertarian Manifesto, I’m Seth Stern and I am on point for this journey. I’m originally from Granby, Colorado, and having been born in 1979, I am among the handful of students who remembers Ronald Reagan, John Elway losing 3 SuperBowls, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Michael Dukakis, and the 1980s.

I left Granby in October of 1997 to join the Air Force as a member of Security Forces, aka police, security, and infantry for the Air Force all in one convenient package, (now with Kosher meals). While in the USAF I traveled first to F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming. While in Wyoming as a member of the most powerful military unit in the world (not an exaggeration), I deployed in support of Operation Southern Watch to Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait. I returned to Cheyenne 4 months after I left, and got back in May of 1999. 18 months later I was on my way to Clear AS, Alaska, and spent all of 2001 stationed there.

As we all know, there is a day in mid-September of that year where everyone remembers where they were. I’m no exception, but I’ll talk about that later on in the blog. I left Alaska in January ’02 for Hill AFB, just north of Salt Lake City, got there just as the Olympics were kicking off. Just after arriving in Utah I departed for San Antonio, Texas for 10 weeks of lateral training, meaning learning an associated, but different job. That job was Combat Arms Training and Maintenance. My new job entailed instructing the proper, safe, and effective use of firearms for those required to utilize them either in day-to-day duties, or just prior to going overseas. We (between 3-10 of us) also inspected, repaired, and performed maintenance for every firearm on Hill AFB. While at Hill I bought a house, 2 Siberian Huskies (Ice & Storm), and was married and divorced. Good news? I kept the dogs and the house.

In the summer following my divorce I was informed that I was assigned to a shop that had an overage of people of my rank and job code, and that there was a shortage at another base in the command. Short version; I was chosen to leave Utah for the east coast and December of 2006 I rolled out of Utah with “The Blizzard,” Comet the obese cat with halitosis, and my best friend, on my way to Massachusetts. While stationed in The Bay State, I was forced to sell the house in Utah, and was successful, I attended roughly 2 dozen Boston Bruins NHL games, 5 Red Sox games at Fenway (2 home openers and Game 1 of the World Series against the Rockies, and I was on the field for that one).

In Spring of 2008 I was medically retired from the USAF for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, which was a continuation of a diagnosis in childhood, and came back to normal, high altitude, low oxygen life. I initially started CSU in the Zoology program, but hated it, I happened to be attending a Journalism class at the time which I loved, and have shifted my focus to Journalism, Political Science, and Sociology.

This blog will focus on two areas of interest for me, sports and politics.  I’m a Libertarian, and a homer, meaning I back Denver sports.  I also happen to back Boston sports, and can give a good reason for all four teams.  I will be speaking to whatever grabs my fancy during the weeks ahead, and look forward to the experience.

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  1. jennfier viveiros

    My first duty station will be F.E. Warren AFB. I leave in May. Can you tell me anything about the base.

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