Stern’s Ice Tikanni…

This isn’t in my designed blog materials, but I feel compelled to share anyway.

The Story of the Ice Wolf…

In March of 2003 your mother, Skye, delivered you and several siblings. You were immediately recognized to be the prettiest of all of the puppies, yet you were the last to leave. The family who took you first had no understanding of the energy you brought into every day of your life, so they passed you on to a family with a yard, hoping that you would find happiness there. Sadly, one day you licked the face of a just-learning-to-walk-infant, and it caused her mother to panic and pass you back to the first family to own you. They asked the help of Mike & Dawn, your mother’s owners, in finding a forever home. That’s when you came into my life. I took you home the first day I met you, in July of 2003. You were energetic, loving, and such a beautiful husky. I fell immediately in love.

3 months later I left you with my family to go to war in Iraq. Shortly after I got to Baghdad, I was told over the phone that you were the most amazing dog. My kitten Katie, was running across the yard when Tasha, the previous homeowner’s dog, saw her, gave chase, caught Katie and shook her by the neck, killing her instantly. Your other owner ran out to stop Tasha from eating Katie but before she could get there you nipped Tasha away from the kitten and got between them. While your owner tried to determine if Katie was alive or not, you kept Tasha from getting close. From what I was told, you were then permanently welcomed by the rest of the family.

When I got home in the spring you were so excited you danced around the yard yipping, and wooing, and flopping over on your back at my feet. A few weeks later we introduced you to Storm, your partner in crime for the next 5 years.

Just after New Years, the two of you got out, to this day I believe you were just following her bad example. The two of you were gone for days and I was terrified I was never going to get you back. The day after you disappeared we heard from Animal Control that some goats had lost their lives prematurely. I defended the two of you till I caught you several hours later, and found blood all over Storm’s nose and face. There wasn’t a single drop on you, Animal Control said Storm had cleaned you off, I think you just watched her do it. You did your quarantine time at the Animal Shelter, because I knew how much damage the two of you were going to do if I tried to do it at home. Since you two were more responsible than the other owner, I didn’t feel I had a choice. The next morning we found out about two more deceased goats on the same road. I disposed of them in a mostly not-as-I-was-supposed-to way. Ten days later you were out. I didn’t have a single problem with the two of you from then on.

The other owner and I divorced, and while I was away I had people checking on you two to make sure you were being fed and watered, you weren’t, but we found ways to make sure you were okay. I was awarded both of you in the divorce, and allowed for the other owner to have two of your puppies, whose rights I immediately purchased after the divorce finalized. Ensuring that none of your progeny would spend an instant in the hands of that particular monster.

That summer you and Storm combined to make the cutest litter of puppies, probably ever. Five in all, Nala Storm, Khalil Ice (your only son), Mya (the white), Mya (the silver), and Koda (the black). To my knowledge all of them are still happy and healthy in Utah. You were great with your puppies, and were great with every Siberian you ever met, minus Sosa the biggest husky ever, who for some reason you always wanted to hump to his never-ending chagrin.

We made the trek from Utah to Boston, you in your carrier, Storm & Comet the overweight cat with feline halitosis in the other. You both did so well, the trip was very smooth. The day after we got there, our friend wasn’t paying attention and let you out of the yard. The two of you ran down the street and I’m convinced would still be going if I hadn’t jumped off the toilet when she yelled. We got in the jeep and hauled butt down to Route 2, where we cut you off, and as usual you jumped right in.

Continued next week…

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