Obligations and concerns…

It’s bothersome to me that the true numbers of our deficit are not receiving the appropriate amount of coverage. It seems the hostile press Bush deservedly encountered, has embraced Obama with their whole heart. A man who ran on a platform of change and endorsed transparency, is invoking the same executive privileges with which he disagreed. So, our unfunded liabilities for Social Security & Medicare, plus the budget deficits, plus the impossibility to generate enough revenue to cover the budget, leaves us with obligations exceeding the GDP of the ENTIRE WORLD!!

How is this slipping through? That column was written pre-budget. The problem I see is that America seems to be embracing the idiocy of socialism. Why? Because we’ve become a nation of lazy, obese, overpaid, overfat, overlegislated slobs. Rather than work for our fair share, we’d just as soon have those who are willing to work, have their money redistributed. Seems logical, why work if you can get paid to sit around at home and watch the state-provided entertainment that I’m sure will become a basic human right within the decade.

I mourn for the America of 200 years ago. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

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