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The further decline of America…

In the weeks since my last blog we’ve witnessed a further erosion of Constitutional rights and the continued outright disregard for the one document every elected official swears to uphold and defend.

This story identifies Congress abusing their right to subpoena private citizens regarding “anything they have to power to legislate.” The problem, in my view anyway, is that Congress has demonstrated for decades their belief they can legislate anything they damned well please, which means they theoretically have the power to call YOU in because of your views or activism on ANYTHING.

How does this seem to follow the principles of individual liberty? Both Liberals and Conservatives claim to support individual liberties but both parties continue to demonstrate they want anything but for you to make decisions and survive without their support.

As the story identifies, Barney Frank & Maxine Waters signed the letter. You’ll not find two better examples in Congress of Representatives believing they are the smartest people in the country and they will legislate as they want and it is your responsibility, as a citizen, to take it without gripe. My objections to this line of thinking are simple, these bastards should be drug out by their ears and flogged until they understand the concept of individual liberty.

Waters was among those featured in this video stating there were no problems with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. A claim proven to be patently false and demonstrative of the stupidity and arrogance rampant in Congress. Not only did these people make claims they presented as fact, but they believed that nothing they had done could possible be wrong. Not only are Democrats in Congress guilty of this idiocy but Democrats in general. Witness Howard Dean on Real Time with Bill Maher stating that the bulk of responsibility of the economic collapse belonged to Republicans not Democrats. That’s completely false. The Republicans are responsible for the last 8 years of bad economic policy but Democrats were in charge when the concept of everyone deserves a home was legislated, along with the first bailout in late 2008 (Congress is the ONLY part of government with the power to FUND), the auto-bailouts, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and the creation of a Social Security fund which is treated like a trust but which HAD to be anything but in order to work.

I’m disgusted, I’m irritated and I’m not looking forward to the future. That the majority of American voters view these two parties as part of the solution rather than the problem is absurd and disheartening. We’ll not see true prosperity and freedom in America until we return to a LITERAL interpretation of the Constitution. Read it and tell me what parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights you think are irrelevant.

Keep this one thing in mind while you read it, the Constitution & Bill of Rights were written by men who studied every other form of Government. They put a government in place that would be regulated by the people, not in a democracy, but in a republic. Important distinction there. They understood the nature of man, while technology has changed, populations have increased and everything else has modernized, the one trait of men unchanged since the birth of mankind is human nature. The Constitution was designed to counter that nature.

What does that mean? Well, according to the Constitution:

Lincoln, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush & Obama were all BAD Presidents. Power hungry like every other man in power. FDR, probably the worst. Don’t take my word for it, read the Constitution yourself. Then read Jefferson & Madison’s works. It’s obvious they were right on in their interpretations.


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Final discussion of the year…

The right-wing’s new found religion of protest, discontent, intolerance of government spending, disgust with excess taxation, etc. amuses me as an advocate of Constitutional adherence.

The reality is Republican politicians and constituents have no leg on which to stand. Since 2000 the Republican legislators failed to check the Republican Executive even once.

Unfortunately this is the case anytime one party controls the two elected branches since the turn of the 18th century. Politicians now execute the wishes of the party or the same-party president, not the people. That’s a trait of both parties, but it’s a problem for we the people.

Nullification was believed and advocated by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to be a fundamental state right under the 10th Amendment. They both identified Congressional acts not defined by the Constitution were null simply because Congress was given specific and restricted rights.

The immoral and illegal nature of presidents overstepping their Constitutional rights is only slightly less disgusting than the indifference shown repeatedly by Congress to enforce their Constitutional responsibilities.

Secession is another potential scenario for states’ rights on the horizon. The following was a situation that screamed for nullification and threats of secession:

Oct. 24, 2001, in America’s most demonstrative display of legislative stupidity, Congress approves the Patriot Act 357-66. Not to be outdone in a game of “anything you can do I can do dumber,” the Senate passes the Act not 24-hours later by a vote of 96-1. No one reads it before voting.

Realizing the federal government has repeatedly violated the contract (the Constitution) between Washington D.C. and the states of the union, governors around the nation order their Attorneys General to review their legal options under the umbrella of states’ rights.

Five states: Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, Oregon and Michigan, still bitter from the 2000 general election, conclude nullification is their right under the Constitution and promptly declare the Patriot Act null within their borders.

Confident from a 90 percent approval rating, President Bush reiterates his message to the terrorists of the world, “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.” He issues warning orders to and attempts activation of the National Guard in all five states. Left and right-wing extremists, just waiting for the opportunity to exercise their Second Amendment rights, arm in preparation for the coming fight.

Just imagine where this could go from here. (See: War of Northern Aggression)

The tragedy is our educational system is funded by these children of privilege, as a result, we’ve forgotten the basic facts behind secession. Our country was founded by secessionists. You can’t get around that fact.

Obama-loyalists counter discussion of secession, reminding us that as bad as things got with the last president, secession wasn’t discussed.

Would you remain silent in a bad relationship because it wasn’t as bad as your worst relationship?

I retired from the Air Force a year ago after 11 years. The oath I took begins, “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The biggest enemies to the Constitution have been domestic since 1815, and they hold elected office.

The Constitution was intentionally written for literal interpretation; unfortunately we keep electing attorneys, a group typically unwilling to limit interpretations which don’t provide a means for their agenda.

America must put the Constitution ahead of politics. If we vote for those who will return us to Constitutional guidelines we may avoid great loss, but if we continue to vote for the misguided paths of Republican and Democrat some of us will pay with our lives and all of us will pay with our freedom.

Enjoy your summer CSU. You are witnessing a time of turmoil unseen between our shores in over 200 years. No matter what happens over the summer and beyond, remember Jefferson’s words, “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

Ron Paul talking to Bernanke. Dr. Paul again, is one of the only Representatives who understands the impact of the Reserve.

Senator Tom Cogburn, one of the only Senators who understands the impact.

Dr. House.

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Some scattered thoughts on sports and politics

Last week’s Talladega finish, the blue car is that of Carl Edwards who stayed behind the race leaders the first 499 miles of the race.

Another impressive crash, this one about a year ago in Texas. Both of these drivers walk away, neither with significant injuries, both traveling over 180 mph. This says an awful lot about the engineering abilities of modern days.

Just a fun shootout goal.

Peter Schiff, one of the only financial experts who really is. He predicted the burst of the bubble when everyone else said there was nothing to worry about (mostly people who profited from the criminal financial acts of the past 2 decades)

Three videos of British politician Daniel Hannan, a Member of Parliament, VERY outspoken, very well spoken, and very much in the minority. The realities is that the men who should be getting press, aren’t. One, two and three.

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Thoughts and some links…

Theoretical Nullification Scenarios

Last week I wrote about the fundamental right of states to nullify federal laws they believe to be overbearing. The following is a short estimation of the possible outcomes of an attempt at nullification.

President Obama wins reelection due largely to Republican nominee Rush Limbaugh claiming the media was desirous that a black president succeed. (If you don’t get this, google: Limbaugh +McNabb)

Despite an approval rating in the low teens, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, still Speaker of the House reintroduces the Assault Weapons Ban. Last time the Democrats learned their lesson, they include wording banning the ownership or possession of any firearm with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds.

President Obama signs the AWB into law less than a month later, having encouraged both Congress and the Senate to fast-track the legislation.

Wyoming legislators nullify the new law not 72 hours later. Identifying the rights granted to them by the U.S. Constitution under the 2nd and 10th Amendments, they declare the entirety of the law null and void within Wyoming borders.

Sensing a shared feeling of dissent from their cousins to the south, Montana resurrects similar legislation they allowed to die in early 2009. Idaho, Utah and Alaska follow suit within the day.

President Obama, not willing to cede any federal powers (Constitutionally or not), orders the FBI special agents in charge of all five state bureaus to place the governors under arrest. Having immediately squashed the resistance, President Obama activates the National Guard units of all 50 states.

My point is that our government was designed a certain way and practically every politician, once in power, ignores that design and just does whatever ensures reelection.

Many of you celebrated Obama’s election like you had won the game. That idea is offensive and ignorant. The Collegian’s editorial staff graded this man with a B+ at 100 days. Wrong.

Being cool, calm and well-spoken (or well-read as the right keeps reminding us) does not give the man a free pass for the disregard he shows for the Constitution. You didn’t let President Bush get away with it, why do you let this man?

Once elected the politicians must be held accountable for their actions. Obama scoffed at the idea of decriminalization of marijuana the same way any old white male Republican president would have.

Instead he’s due to spend a minimum of $5 trillion his first year in office. You replaced the party of bad ideas with the party of worse ideas. “Change” indeed.

When are you going to wake up and realize that in the late 1700s we were given a golden ticket to national prosperity and have wiped our collective butt with that ticket for the last century?

Secession is the reality in front of you folks. Nullification is going to be attempted within the next five-to-10 years. I promise you. You’ve grown accustomed to Washington governing your daily lives, but that’s just not the way it was meant to be, luckily there are those among us who recognize the flawed system in which we live today.

Think what you may of that 3 percent of American clamoring for a reduction in government, but when the workers realize their money is being taken in order to give it to the poor, the lazy and the illegal, they are going to stop working.

This is the most interesting time in America since its beginning. We are no longer talking about discrimination or human rights; we are talking about good government and Constitutional adherence.

The despots in Washington aren’t stupid; they will disarm the populace just before they move to control the populace. Then the revolution that started in Boston will reawaken in the 3 percent of the population willing to stand and fight for the country liberals and conservatives destroyed.

What possible drawbacks do you see in federalism? For the uninformed that means less federal government, bizarrely enough, with most governing coming from state and local government.

A few links of interest:

Parts 1, 2 & 3 of a fictional future of secession.

Video you just need to watch, regardless of your major-party affiliation. This man is the ONLY one who ran who knows what he’s talking about. The rest, the winner included, want to bastardize the Supreme Law of the Land.

Another prediction for the future.

Again, the only man who knows what he’s talking about in Washington.

Something no one talks about, inflation is a tax. This means Obama’s administration has already taxed the U.S. more than anyone before, he’s been in office 102 days.


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