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Theoretical Nullification Scenarios

Last week I wrote about the fundamental right of states to nullify federal laws they believe to be overbearing. The following is a short estimation of the possible outcomes of an attempt at nullification.

President Obama wins reelection due largely to Republican nominee Rush Limbaugh claiming the media was desirous that a black president succeed. (If you don’t get this, google: Limbaugh +McNabb)

Despite an approval rating in the low teens, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, still Speaker of the House reintroduces the Assault Weapons Ban. Last time the Democrats learned their lesson, they include wording banning the ownership or possession of any firearm with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds.

President Obama signs the AWB into law less than a month later, having encouraged both Congress and the Senate to fast-track the legislation.

Wyoming legislators nullify the new law not 72 hours later. Identifying the rights granted to them by the U.S. Constitution under the 2nd and 10th Amendments, they declare the entirety of the law null and void within Wyoming borders.

Sensing a shared feeling of dissent from their cousins to the south, Montana resurrects similar legislation they allowed to die in early 2009. Idaho, Utah and Alaska follow suit within the day.

President Obama, not willing to cede any federal powers (Constitutionally or not), orders the FBI special agents in charge of all five state bureaus to place the governors under arrest. Having immediately squashed the resistance, President Obama activates the National Guard units of all 50 states.

My point is that our government was designed a certain way and practically every politician, once in power, ignores that design and just does whatever ensures reelection.

Many of you celebrated Obama’s election like you had won the game. That idea is offensive and ignorant. The Collegian’s editorial staff graded this man with a B+ at 100 days. Wrong.

Being cool, calm and well-spoken (or well-read as the right keeps reminding us) does not give the man a free pass for the disregard he shows for the Constitution. You didn’t let President Bush get away with it, why do you let this man?

Once elected the politicians must be held accountable for their actions. Obama scoffed at the idea of decriminalization of marijuana the same way any old white male Republican president would have.

Instead he’s due to spend a minimum of $5 trillion his first year in office. You replaced the party of bad ideas with the party of worse ideas. “Change” indeed.

When are you going to wake up and realize that in the late 1700s we were given a golden ticket to national prosperity and have wiped our collective butt with that ticket for the last century?

Secession is the reality in front of you folks. Nullification is going to be attempted within the next five-to-10 years. I promise you. You’ve grown accustomed to Washington governing your daily lives, but that’s just not the way it was meant to be, luckily there are those among us who recognize the flawed system in which we live today.

Think what you may of that 3 percent of American clamoring for a reduction in government, but when the workers realize their money is being taken in order to give it to the poor, the lazy and the illegal, they are going to stop working.

This is the most interesting time in America since its beginning. We are no longer talking about discrimination or human rights; we are talking about good government and Constitutional adherence.

The despots in Washington aren’t stupid; they will disarm the populace just before they move to control the populace. Then the revolution that started in Boston will reawaken in the 3 percent of the population willing to stand and fight for the country liberals and conservatives destroyed.

What possible drawbacks do you see in federalism? For the uninformed that means less federal government, bizarrely enough, with most governing coming from state and local government.

A few links of interest:

Parts 1, 2 & 3 of a fictional future of secession.

Video you just need to watch, regardless of your major-party affiliation. This man is the ONLY one who ran who knows what he’s talking about. The rest, the winner included, want to bastardize the Supreme Law of the Land.

Another prediction for the future.

Again, the only man who knows what he’s talking about in Washington.

Something no one talks about, inflation is a tax. This means Obama’s administration has already taxed the U.S. more than anyone before, he’s been in office 102 days.



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