The further decline of America…

In the weeks since my last blog we’ve witnessed a further erosion of Constitutional rights and the continued outright disregard for the one document every elected official swears to uphold and defend.

This story identifies Congress abusing their right to subpoena private citizens regarding “anything they have to power to legislate.” The problem, in my view anyway, is that Congress has demonstrated for decades their belief they can legislate anything they damned well please, which means they theoretically have the power to call YOU in because of your views or activism on ANYTHING.

How does this seem to follow the principles of individual liberty? Both Liberals and Conservatives claim to support individual liberties but both parties continue to demonstrate they want anything but for you to make decisions and survive without their support.

As the story identifies, Barney Frank & Maxine Waters signed the letter. You’ll not find two better examples in Congress of Representatives believing they are the smartest people in the country and they will legislate as they want and it is your responsibility, as a citizen, to take it without gripe. My objections to this line of thinking are simple, these bastards should be drug out by their ears and flogged until they understand the concept of individual liberty.

Waters was among those featured in this video stating there were no problems with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. A claim proven to be patently false and demonstrative of the stupidity and arrogance rampant in Congress. Not only did these people make claims they presented as fact, but they believed that nothing they had done could possible be wrong. Not only are Democrats in Congress guilty of this idiocy but Democrats in general. Witness Howard Dean on Real Time with Bill Maher stating that the bulk of responsibility of the economic collapse belonged to Republicans not Democrats. That’s completely false. The Republicans are responsible for the last 8 years of bad economic policy but Democrats were in charge when the concept of everyone deserves a home was legislated, along with the first bailout in late 2008 (Congress is the ONLY part of government with the power to FUND), the auto-bailouts, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and the creation of a Social Security fund which is treated like a trust but which HAD to be anything but in order to work.

I’m disgusted, I’m irritated and I’m not looking forward to the future. That the majority of American voters view these two parties as part of the solution rather than the problem is absurd and disheartening. We’ll not see true prosperity and freedom in America until we return to a LITERAL interpretation of the Constitution. Read it and tell me what parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights you think are irrelevant.

Keep this one thing in mind while you read it, the Constitution & Bill of Rights were written by men who studied every other form of Government. They put a government in place that would be regulated by the people, not in a democracy, but in a republic. Important distinction there. They understood the nature of man, while technology has changed, populations have increased and everything else has modernized, the one trait of men unchanged since the birth of mankind is human nature. The Constitution was designed to counter that nature.

What does that mean? Well, according to the Constitution:

Lincoln, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush & Obama were all BAD Presidents. Power hungry like every other man in power. FDR, probably the worst. Don’t take my word for it, read the Constitution yourself. Then read Jefferson & Madison’s works. It’s obvious they were right on in their interpretations.

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