Breaking Down the GOP Candidates: Gingrich

The GOP debates and surrounding hoopla seemingly grow more trite with every passing week.

During the most recent televised debate, hosted by Google and FoxNews in Florida, the moderators continued their trend of bias by directing the majority of questions to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, neither of whom offers any improvement over the tripe trotted out by the two parties representing the interests of corporations and bankers above all else.

If you missed my breakdown of the detestable Rick Santorum, click here.

Enter the Newt. Defying the wishes of rational Americans from coast-to-coast, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, author of the notoriously rhetorical “Contract with America“, declared his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination amid dropped jaws and rolled eyes from Anchorage to South Beach.

And how has Fig pursued his candidacy? Well, just today he somehow ensured the Tea Party lost any scant shred of legitimacy when Tea Party Nation founder (and delusional poster child) Judd Phillips incomprehensibly endorsed Gingrich.

Gingrich, in no uncertain terms, represents exactly the type of career politician we need to eradicate from the national platform. Gingrich has left more wives than war while preaching family values.

And finally, despite all of his unqualifications to hold public office in any nation outside of Latin America and Africa, Gingrich’s campaign started falling apart almost immediately.

Do we really want another socially conservative hypocrite calling for limited government while increasing spending? No. No we really, really don’t.

The good news? As of publication, Gingrich’s campaign has fallen apart, he has few funds remaining and his staff disintegrated during the summer. With luck he’ll be gone before the first snowfall.

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