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2012 Vote Purchase Campaign Begins in Earnest for Chairman Zero (Obama)

Despite the excited response from the federal CEO’s dramatic Denver student loan restructuring executive order, it appears by all rights not only is he wholeheartedly embracing the model for modern liberalism’s strategy of purchasing votes with tax dollars; but the much ballyhooed student loan forgiveness will slightly and only effect a small portion of students, and future students at that.

Once again the president demonstrated his utter lack of willingness to support his campaign promises. First he turns a 180 on medical marijuana enforcement, now he signs executive orders, presumably with the force of law, but likely to have almost negligible effect at best.

According to this column in The Atlantic, regardless of the fervor demonstrated on the floor of the Pepsi Center in Denver, the vast majority of graduates will save approximately $4-$8 a month. I wish I could say I hope the majority of the 18-30 year old voters recognize a con-artist when they see one, regrettably, I pay too much attention to online forums, we’re screwed. A more detailed breakdown is here.

The bribing of voters with their own money isn’t a new tactic. FDR mastered targeting the individual voter with tax dollars in the 30s. The New Deal failed spectacularly at the proclaimed intended goal of economic recovery, but it benefited thousands of individuals by providing government employment.

However, the infrequently mentioned truth of the New Deal is its total failure to solve the Depression. Every government job requires thousands of private jobs to fund them. Thus, the larger the portion of employment represented by public jobs, the more lucrative the private sector’s performance must be in order to fund government.

This isn’t exactly rocket surgery here, according to this story in USA Today, the average federal salary is $67k, nearly $7k higher than the private sector. Keep in mind those numbers are from 2008, they’ve likely declined significantly in the private sector while the public unions most assuredly prevented a pay decrease.

When you hear a politician talking about the federal government creating jobs, they are molesting the truth. In order for the federal government to increase employment opportunities without creating a deficit, the private sector has to create more revenue. That isn’t possibly during a recession. All of the discussion from the left on increasing taxes to force the wealthy to pay their fair share? Bupkus.

It wasn’t an issue before the recession, it’s not an issue now. The problem is the Democrats refuse to cut spending despite borrowing 43 cents of every dollar. You’re not going to make a dent in that by increasing taxes and taxes paid have never proven to have the effect of bolstering the economy. To the contrary, the economy functions independent of government attempts to stimulate. Production & consumption equalize at a certain point with population growth, that is the only way to have a stable economy.

Deception from the biggest con artist since his predecessor is no surprise to those who are seeking information on their own, the current Oval Office occupier attempted to portray his 6 percent victory in the popular vote as a landslide shift in American political leanings. However, the reality of the situation is the minority and first time voters turned out in record numbers in 2008 and overwhelmingly voted in favor of his continued kowtowing to corporate and banking interests.

Regardless, voters in 2012 have a responsibility to recognize the fraud taking place with his claims of job creation and student loan forgiveness. One candidate remains between the two parties who has a track record of honesty and consistent dedication to principle. Remove everything else taking place and I prefer an honest man I can trust to one telling me he’ll help me with my problems whom I cannot trust.


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Ron Paul Is Crazy Compared To This Cuckoo’s Nest?

As both the liberal & conservative mainstream media continue to intentionally ignore Republican Party presidential candidate Ron Paul, they have at times explained their intentional disregard for his voice and suppression of his message as their infallible belief he hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning.

In my blog Tuesday I addressed Pew Research’s finding that traditional media have essentially continued to blackball Congressman Paul. The Christian Science Monitor attempted to diminish Pew’s claim. CSM perceives their product slighted through exclusion in Pew’s evaluation. What CSM fails to realize is the mainstream media makes or breaks a campaign. They shouldn’t, but they most certainly directly influence elections and their exclusion of Paul from the discourse, except as a punchline, is dooming to his campaign.

His online presence among supporters is second-to-none. In fact, user-generated content explodes on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter every time the GOP holds a debate and Paul receives minimal attention.

Several online publications have published findings proving he receives the least amount of time at debates. The Digital Journal opined here, the lack of time would make sense had he flamed out spectacularly like Rick Perry did in this video:

But Paul hasn’t, he has routinely fielded difficult questions asked in a manner intended to entrap him among viewers like this.

He not only fields the question with grace, but gives a thoughtful, intelligent and reasoned response. So, what’s the problem? My personal thought is the mainstream media is primarily owned by corporations, unlike the federal government, corporations don’t operate on the fuel of incompetence. They recognize Paul’s election would present a threat to crony capitalism and their unfettered control of federal legislation. Not only is this a motive for suppression, but it’s also a motive for Occupy Wall Street to throw their support behind his candidacy.

Their argument has essentially been that Paul has no chance of winning an election as he’s just, “too far out there.” As a friend of a friend commented on a Facebook post this week, “he’s insane.” Well, if that’s the case, then why not put him out there in front of the public and allow the late night hosts and public the opportunity to recognize this supposed insanity?

They certainly don’t seem to object when Michele Bachmann opens mouth and proceeds to projectile vomit insanity all over the American people.

Is Paul’s message anywhere near as “out there” as hers?

Or how about the poster boy for bigotry, hatred, prejudice and discrimination, Rick Santorum? He’s been on a national tour spewing his hate for homosexuality and the mainstream media has no objection to giving him press. Could Paul be any worse than this guy? (starting at 1:14)

Just in case Rick failed to convince you of his total lack of common sense.

And the media certainly hasn’t objected in the least to giving both Mitt Romney and Herman Cain a boon of media coverage and has named them, as well as Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, front runners in the primary campaign.

But what’s this? A report indicating Cain and Romney have both been committing campaign fraud. Cain by using campaign funds to purchase copies of his book, thus driving up sales numbers; and Romney by essentially laundering his own money into his campaign through a financial consultant who currently is business partners with Romney’s son.

Something’s rotten in America. We all know the news cycle is built on ratings and reports, but the press have wholly abandoned their purpose of reporting facts objectively. Were they following the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, the candidates would receive equal time and the truly nauseating Perrys, Bachmanns, Santorums and Gingrichs would be exposed for the totally disconnected individuals they are; were the press to do their jobs, Romney & Cain would possibly be subject to criminal investigations for fraud.

Yet there’s Ron Paul. A man whose message of liberty and prosperity for all, who calls for the end of corporatism and crony capitalism, a man with an ideologically consistent record not of months, but decades, and the media can’t ignore him enough. Lest you believe the mainstream media I refer to excludes the borderline-useless Fox News, nope. After a debate in which he was given the closest to equal time of any of the eight debates thus far, he’s mentioned in one sentence at the end of the article.

Judge for yourselves, is this man off his nut?


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Ron Paul is a Mainstream Media Pariah According to Pew Research: Paul’s Followers Vindicated

According to a study released Monday, Congressman Ron Paul is receiving the least amount of coverage from the mainstream media of all of the candidates for president in 2012. Texas Gov. and corporate puppet Rick Perry received the most coverage and bizarrely enough, the most positive coverage in this study from Pew Research.

As Dennis Miller used to say, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but since when is it the responsibility of the national media to determine which candidates are viable and which aren’t? Last I checked they were intended to hold government accountable, not intact. But the study’s results came as no surprise to anyone with any interest in politics as Ron Paul clearly established himself as the only candidate with honesty, principles and integrity. Not to mention his never ending will to stand up to the corporate interests, banks and the military-industrial complex.

Give credit to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show staff for noticing the very obvious and undeserved bias toward Paul. Their criticism of the MSM’s treatment of Paul, a portion of which is included in the following video, aired two days after the Iowa Straw Poll which Paul statistically tied to win with Michele Bachmann.

This has gotten ridiculous, but I know many conservatives are concerned with Ron Paul’s foreign policy views. To clarify a few things, the MSM and other GOP candidates have labeled Paul an “isolationist”, this is a misnomer. North Korea is the present example of an isolationist nation. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, the example there is Switzerland. Now, how hard is life in Switzerland compared to North Korea?

Now I know, neither of those is a global power, but there’s really little reason we need to be either. At any rate, Bruce Fein explains Ron Paul’s foreign policy below.

I can’t really comment as to Fein’s views other than this single video, he apparently has some skeletons in his closet, but in this particular explanation, he’s spot on.

But the typical arguments against a non-interventionist foreign policy fall generally on WWI and WWII. This is a fallacy and factually incorrect, no surprise there, the education in this country is second only to the submarine program in time spent below the horizon.

Here’s the basic rub and what’s become nearly impossible to teach: If the U.S. foreign policy had remained (as outgoing President Washington suggested) non-interventionist, WWI would have ended in a stalemate or a narrow victory for one of the two sides. It was essentially a stalemate when we entered.

Now, without US intervention in WWI, the climate created by the reparations agreements never would have created the power vacuum and sense of nationalism Hitler manipulated in his rise to power out of the Weimar Republic. President Hindenburg was quoted as saying Hitler would have made an effective postmaster.

That changes everything. However, we didn’t learn from WWI and this is something Ron Paul has spoken about at length, the failure of US foreign policy to comprehend the law of unintended consequences. Because of the Great Depression, FDR knew the war in Europe and developing in the Pacific were the quickest solutions to the massive unemployment. So he baited the Japanese into attacking with a coordinated oil embargo.

Then, despite naval intelligence indicating the Japanese fleet was steaming for Pearl Harbor, he left the majority of the Pacific fleet in harbor. We know what happened there. The next day Congress declared war on Japan, an Axis nation; Germany, in retribution, declared war on the US. FDR toasted Hitler and Germany’s Congress because they now had the green light to go to war.

It gets worse. FDR & Stalin, as FDR’s health was slipping, literally decided who would get what parts of Europe by looking at a map and drawing a line. Now I ask you, how much of a threat were the Soviets without all the assets FDR handed them as if they were his to give?

Afghanistan? Those people had driven any invaders insane without outside assistance for centuries, we support the Muhajideen in a covert war then as soon as the Soviets bounce, abandon ship like rats on the Titanic leaving a power vacuum for the Taliban.

Iraq? Well, for a decade we trained, equipped and covertly supported … guess who? Saddam Hussein as he fought against neighboring Iran. Iran of course, receiving the support of the USSR, was run by the Ayatollahs who had come to power after overthrowing the puppet Shah installed by … the CIA. That was a combination of religious/secular uprising similar to what we’ve seen in the Middle East this year, want to guess who installed those leaders?

So after a decade of fighting each other, the two eventually call a ceasefire and end active hostilities. Iraq invades Kuwait two years later, believed to be headed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next. Exiled from the Kingdom, Usama Bin Laden offers to bring Al Qaeda and the Taliban to defend his native land from the Iraqi invaders. (This is the closest link the two shared). At the same time the King receives an offer from ally U.S. President George H. W. Bush to use NATO for the same purpose and to free Kuwait. Guess which direction he went?

The point of this entire post, encompassing maybe 5 percent of the totality of US foreign policy with utterly no thought for the unintended consequences of their actions, is we simply have no idea what we’re doing. We intervene in Iraq during a no-fly zone enforcement when Saddam gasses Kurdish Iraqis but let nearly a million people die at the hands of their own countrymen in a Rwandan genocide.

The state governments can handle criminal laws on their own. The federal courts can handle interstate crime and fraud across state lines. There’s no need for federal criminal laws unless they apply to crimes against the federal government and in that case the accused should still be tried by a jury of their peers. This being said, you could wipe out 99.9 percent of federal legislation tomorrow and your life wouldn’t change.

And THAT is why I support Ron Paul 2012.


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Ron Paul Ignored In Yet Another Debate, Let’s Shake Things Up

I feel I can mostly summarize the uselessness that is Herman Cain with this single link. Cain is infinitely more qualified to head the executive branch of the federal government than the current office holder as he has actually accomplished much in the private sector and has made difficult decisions.

However, he made comments on Jay Leno last week indicating he’s bought off on the media’s prejudice against Ron Paul. Chris Wallace of FoxNews gave Cain a chance to clarify his remarks:

What’s particularly galling about this prejudice against Paul is we are still 13 months away from the election and they insist he’s already an also ran. The reality is much different. Now his supporters are getting pissed and we’re pushing forward with a plan to hijack the primaries.

If you are any party other than Republican and you like Ron Paul’s message, hate either Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, or even better, really despise the Republican Party, ask yourself if you’d take the chance to really screw with their party at no cost to yourself. The Democratic Party typically doesn’t roll out significantly different candidates. With the exception of Dennis Kucinich, the vast majority of the party’s candidates regurgitate the party lines.

However, it’s beyond obvious now that Ron Paul isn’t going to pander to the voters. He doesn’t care if you’re gay or want to get married, he’s tired of the wars and wants to bring the military home, he wants to level the playing field so all Americans can find prosperity and he wants the federal government to get back to its intended purpose of providing for the state governments collectively what they cannot do individually. He wants sound money and he is not beholden to banks or corporations as they do not support him.

What better Republican could a Democrat, Socialist, Green, Constitution, Peace & Freedom or even Communist Party choose? So, here’s the deal, get registered to vote as soon as possible. But register Republican. You have to be registered prior to November 7, 2011, to vote in the primaries last I saw so do this immediately. Colorado’s voter registration can be done online here.

This will work if the word spreads. Consider this the biggest “eff you” to the Republican Party in history. It will absolutely rattle their cages and with luck, they’ll commit a crime to suppress the support we can generate for Ron Paul. Whether you do it because you hate the former president or because you, like me, have grown nauseated by the GOP’s kowtowing to banks and corporations. It doesn’t matter why you do it, but you absolutely must do it now and talk as many friends into it as possible.

The Republican Party would rather see the current president re-elected than Ron Paul nominated for their party. Isn’t that a pretty good motivator? Wouldn’t you love to see the faces as he starts taking down primaries with record numbers? You don’t have to support him as your own candidate, don’t campaign for him if you don’t like his views, but recognize the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Ron Paul is absolutely the enemy of the Republican Party, that makes him your friend.

It’s time to stand up to the two party bully. The media tells us Ron Paul is unelectable. Why? Because he doesn’t have the support of their parent companies who despise the anti-corporatism Ron Paul stands for and the honesty the banks would have to revert to if he were able to return the system to a true free market where CONgress doesn’t rig the game in their favor anymore.

Occupy Wall Street? Wall Street occupies D.C. Ron Paul could be the new sheriff in that town with our help. Embrace your inner-rebel!

Sing it Aimee.

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Enforcement of Federal Marijuana Laws: Hypocrisy As Usual

As I wrote in this blog Tuesday, the ATF has determined the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is henceforth incompatible with consumption of marijuana. Why? Not because of any correlation between acts of negligence involving firearms, but because you don’t have the right to own, purchase or possess a firearm if you’re brazen enough to flout idiotic federal legislation funded by pharmaceutical lobbies.

And the good news didn’t end there, oh no, from the fine folks at Fort Fumble tyranny can never go far enough. Despite issuing a policy letter October 19, 2009, declaring the prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers would be an inefficient use of resources, as outlined here by US News and Health, the administration determined the bureaucracy would be well-used to target the legal (within the state) consumption of cannabis.

The mind reels at the levels of lunacy which pass for political efficacy in this country. Just in case you needed further convincing of the two-faced nature of this administration (the last was certainly no better), here we have Attorney General Eric Holder laying the groundwork for the administration and the bureaucracy to prove they literally only intend to be taken at their word until they pause to inhale and begin the next sentence.

Where is the outrage? Occupy Wall Street continues on in their completely schizophrenic mission of who knows what, outraged that 1 percent of the population owns such a significant portion of the nation’s aggregate wealth, nevermind the fact they were only made wealthy because of the parasites in D.C. decriminalizing fraud. But they are certainly outraged.

Why does the administration choose now to go after an industry that has caused zero increase in harm to the states in which they operate? One dispensary owner pointed out the federal government certainly had no objection to cashing the check he sent in for his business. Why now?

My suspicion? The reelection campaign for Chairman Zero has started anew. Either the pharmaceutical lobbies got his ear and threatened to withhold donations if he didn’t crackdown, or one of his strategists believes this is necessary for reelection. Regardless, when you make promises and claim to have made new policy, you have a moral obligation to uphold those promises. The modern politician has no such morality.

When the Washington Post ran this story in October 2009, millions of people breathed a sigh of relief as the most moronic prohibition since prohibition was finally at an end.

An end to business as usual in Washington. Fooled you once.

More transparency in Washington. Fooled you twice.

We’re not going to prosecute medical marijuana patients or suppliers. Fooled you thrice.

Isn’t it about time to support a man with a consistent, principled message and send a clear message to Washington’s power brokers? This is untenable.

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ATF: American Tyranny Foundation Writes New Law

I’m taking a short interlude on the breakdown of the GOP candidates in light of this story in The Denver Post Monday. Leave it to the one agency assigned to monitor the three things you need for a good part to declare something monumentally stupid and unconstitutional.

The form the brain trust at ATF requires all licensed firearms salesmen to fill out on buyers asks a question as to unlawful use of marijuana. “The ATF’s letter, sent out Sept. 21, clarifies that the bureau includes medical-marijuana patients in that group of prohibited buyers because their marijuana use is inherently illegal federally.”

This is utterly ridiculous. The VA is allowing Veterans to receive benefits if prescribed mmj, the Commander-in-Chief told the Dept. of Justice not to waste time going after mmj patients and it’s patently absurd to even imply marijuana use is somehow more harmful than alcohol, the substance whose name is their agency title.

They’ve been assigned the task of monitoring alcohol, tobacco and firearms and its a tradition to ignore the first two. The public no longer controls the bureaucracy (some may say thank goodness, I might not disagree except on these types of issues) because Congress has mitigated virtually all of their responsibilities to various bureaucratic entities (currency belongs to the Dept. of Treasury & the Federal Reserve; war declarations solely the executive branch; immigration policy to Homeland Security and the Post Office to the dogs) and ignore the realities of the federal government’s intended purpose.

The Constitution is the contract between the People and the State Governments limiting the scope of what federal government responsibility should look like and it is serves as such because the founders knew the federal government, if left to its own devices, would grow exponentially greater in size, cost, responsibility and corruption. Thus, the minute Lincoln removed the right of the states to void the contract, the federal government took off on its parabolic trajectory.

We now have a federal government who supports the rights to manufacture, distribute, profit from, purchase, possess and consume alcohol as long as you’re not operating machinery or firearms under the influence, but to do any of the above acts with marijuana is a crime against the union. There’s utterly no justification for a government of this sort to exist.

The bureaucracy is on as much of a power trip as Congress, if not more because the bureaucracy is filled with the lowest common denominator while D.C. politicians are at least moderately intellectual but lacking any actual knowledge beyond manipulating mass groups.

What’s even worse is it looks like the government is using the banks as a weapon against mmj dispensaries. In this story, also out of TDP, there are no longer any banking options for dispensaries in Colorado as the final bank to accept business from dispensaries is terminating accounts. The FDIC and NCUA are both agencies of the federal government, thus, the banks are afraid to lose their federal support and insurance.

I appreciate the lessons of my time working for the federal government and for the insurance I purchase through them at pennies on the dollar for what I’d pay if my healthcare went away, but the obvious truth is the federal government is the biggest enemy to personal liberty today.

Why won’t Congress look to decriminalize mj? The major pharmaceutical companies pay major money to lobbies and special interests who spend the money to bribe representatives in order to keep a legal remedy for a variety of known medical conditions out of the public’s view so they can sell their addictive prescription meds in higher volume. The conservative groups in the country are completely against decriminalization as anything mind altering would seemingly hurt family structures more than they already have been, so they pay big money to keep it suppressed and finally, because we’re not a country who will honestly and openly debate anything anymore.

The claims against decriminalization are fictional and extreme, unless I’m operating a firearm or driving under the influence it’s my natural right to drink a gallon of vodka, smoke a joint, shoot heroin, freebase crack or inhale bath salts. Why is it my right? Because my body belongs to me and me alone. I don’t think you should do most of those things as part of a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t think people should have unprotected sex unless they’ve proven to family and friends they aren’t complete morons, these things happen. It’s no one else’s business what I’m doing with my body until it has a direct effect or risk to someone else.

Should a pregnant mother do any of these things? Nope. And at some point it goes from personal choice to negligence and we hold those people accountable for risking harm to others. But no harm to others can be directly linked to marijuana use except in the operation of heavy equipment or firearms which for the purposes of brevity you can assume I mean in all situations. How is this becoming an issue right now? The worst economy since the Great Depression, highest foreclosure numbers ever, immigration, banking fraud, protests all over the country, a Middle East constantly gearing up for a new war, China breathing down our necks, he’s already into campaign mode and Zero lets the bureaucracy come out with something like this?!

Apparently, however, there are three bills in the House to formally recognize state mmj laws, I hope recognized as legal. This is a serious test of D.C. will they choose the path of stupidity and corruption? Or the right of the people?

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