ATF: American Tyranny Foundation Writes New Law

I’m taking a short interlude on the breakdown of the GOP candidates in light of this story in The Denver Post Monday. Leave it to the one agency assigned to monitor the three things you need for a good part to declare something monumentally stupid and unconstitutional.

The form the brain trust at ATF requires all licensed firearms salesmen to fill out on buyers asks a question as to unlawful use of marijuana. “The ATF’s letter, sent out Sept. 21, clarifies that the bureau includes medical-marijuana patients in that group of prohibited buyers because their marijuana use is inherently illegal federally.”

This is utterly ridiculous. The VA is allowing Veterans to receive benefits if prescribed mmj, the Commander-in-Chief told the Dept. of Justice not to waste time going after mmj patients and it’s patently absurd to even imply marijuana use is somehow more harmful than alcohol, the substance whose name is their agency title.

They’ve been assigned the task of monitoring alcohol, tobacco and firearms and its a tradition to ignore the first two. The public no longer controls the bureaucracy (some may say thank goodness, I might not disagree except on these types of issues) because Congress has mitigated virtually all of their responsibilities to various bureaucratic entities (currency belongs to the Dept. of Treasury & the Federal Reserve; war declarations solely the executive branch; immigration policy to Homeland Security and the Post Office to the dogs) and ignore the realities of the federal government’s intended purpose.

The Constitution is the contract between the People and the State Governments limiting the scope of what federal government responsibility should look like and it is serves as such because the founders knew the federal government, if left to its own devices, would grow exponentially greater in size, cost, responsibility and corruption. Thus, the minute Lincoln removed the right of the states to void the contract, the federal government took off on its parabolic trajectory.

We now have a federal government who supports the rights to manufacture, distribute, profit from, purchase, possess and consume alcohol as long as you’re not operating machinery or firearms under the influence, but to do any of the above acts with marijuana is a crime against the union. There’s utterly no justification for a government of this sort to exist.

The bureaucracy is on as much of a power trip as Congress, if not more because the bureaucracy is filled with the lowest common denominator while D.C. politicians are at least moderately intellectual but lacking any actual knowledge beyond manipulating mass groups.

What’s even worse is it looks like the government is using the banks as a weapon against mmj dispensaries. In this story, also out of TDP, there are no longer any banking options for dispensaries in Colorado as the final bank to accept business from dispensaries is terminating accounts. The FDIC and NCUA are both agencies of the federal government, thus, the banks are afraid to lose their federal support and insurance.

I appreciate the lessons of my time working for the federal government and for the insurance I purchase through them at pennies on the dollar for what I’d pay if my healthcare went away, but the obvious truth is the federal government is the biggest enemy to personal liberty today.

Why won’t Congress look to decriminalize mj? The major pharmaceutical companies pay major money to lobbies and special interests who spend the money to bribe representatives in order to keep a legal remedy for a variety of known medical conditions out of the public’s view so they can sell their addictive prescription meds in higher volume. The conservative groups in the country are completely against decriminalization as anything mind altering would seemingly hurt family structures more than they already have been, so they pay big money to keep it suppressed and finally, because we’re not a country who will honestly and openly debate anything anymore.

The claims against decriminalization are fictional and extreme, unless I’m operating a firearm or driving under the influence it’s my natural right to drink a gallon of vodka, smoke a joint, shoot heroin, freebase crack or inhale bath salts. Why is it my right? Because my body belongs to me and me alone. I don’t think you should do most of those things as part of a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t think people should have unprotected sex unless they’ve proven to family and friends they aren’t complete morons, these things happen. It’s no one else’s business what I’m doing with my body until it has a direct effect or risk to someone else.

Should a pregnant mother do any of these things? Nope. And at some point it goes from personal choice to negligence and we hold those people accountable for risking harm to others. But no harm to others can be directly linked to marijuana use except in the operation of heavy equipment or firearms which for the purposes of brevity you can assume I mean in all situations. How is this becoming an issue right now? The worst economy since the Great Depression, highest foreclosure numbers ever, immigration, banking fraud, protests all over the country, a Middle East constantly gearing up for a new war, China breathing down our necks, he’s already into campaign mode and Zero lets the bureaucracy come out with something like this?!

Apparently, however, there are three bills in the House to formally recognize state mmj laws, I hope recognized as legal. This is a serious test of D.C. will they choose the path of stupidity and corruption? Or the right of the people?

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