Enforcement of Federal Marijuana Laws: Hypocrisy As Usual

As I wrote in this blog Tuesday, the ATF has determined the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is henceforth incompatible with consumption of marijuana. Why? Not because of any correlation between acts of negligence involving firearms, but because you don’t have the right to own, purchase or possess a firearm if you’re brazen enough to flout idiotic federal legislation funded by pharmaceutical lobbies.

And the good news didn’t end there, oh no, from the fine folks at Fort Fumble tyranny can never go far enough. Despite issuing a policy letter October 19, 2009, declaring the prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers would be an inefficient use of resources, as outlined here by US News and Health, the administration determined the bureaucracy would be well-used to target the legal (within the state) consumption of cannabis.

The mind reels at the levels of lunacy which pass for political efficacy in this country. Just in case you needed further convincing of the two-faced nature of this administration (the last was certainly no better), here we have Attorney General Eric Holder laying the groundwork for the administration and the bureaucracy to prove they literally only intend to be taken at their word until they pause to inhale and begin the next sentence.

Where is the outrage? Occupy Wall Street continues on in their completely schizophrenic mission of who knows what, outraged that 1 percent of the population owns such a significant portion of the nation’s aggregate wealth, nevermind the fact they were only made wealthy because of the parasites in D.C. decriminalizing fraud. But they are certainly outraged.

Why does the administration choose now to go after an industry that has caused zero increase in harm to the states in which they operate? One dispensary owner pointed out the federal government certainly had no objection to cashing the check he sent in for his business. Why now?

My suspicion? The reelection campaign for Chairman Zero has started anew. Either the¬†pharmaceutical lobbies got his ear and threatened to withhold donations if he didn’t crackdown, or one of his strategists believes this is necessary for reelection. Regardless, when you make promises and claim to have made new policy, you have a moral obligation to uphold those promises. The modern politician has no such morality.

When the Washington Post ran this story in October 2009, millions of people breathed a sigh of relief as the most moronic prohibition since prohibition was finally at an end.

An end to business as usual in Washington. Fooled you once.

More transparency in Washington. Fooled you twice.

We’re not going to prosecute medical marijuana patients or suppliers. Fooled you thrice.

Isn’t it about time to support a man with a consistent, principled message and send a clear message to Washington’s power brokers? This is untenable.

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