2012 Vote Purchase Campaign Begins in Earnest for Chairman Zero (Obama)

Despite the excited response from the federal CEO’s dramatic Denver student loan restructuring executive order, it appears by all rights not only is he wholeheartedly embracing the model for modern liberalism’s strategy of purchasing votes with tax dollars; but the much ballyhooed student loan forgiveness will slightly and only effect a small portion of students, and future students at that.

Once again the president demonstrated his utter lack of willingness to support his campaign promises. First he turns a 180 on medical marijuana enforcement, now he signs executive orders, presumably with the force of law, but likely to have almost negligible effect at best.

According to this column in The Atlantic, regardless of the fervor demonstrated on the floor of the Pepsi Center in Denver, the vast majority of graduates will save approximately $4-$8 a month. I wish I could say I hope the majority of the 18-30 year old voters recognize a con-artist when they see one, regrettably, I pay too much attention to online forums, we’re screwed. A more detailed breakdown is here.

The bribing of voters with their own money isn’t a new tactic. FDR mastered targeting the individual voter with tax dollars in the 30s. The New Deal failed spectacularly at the proclaimed intended goal of economic recovery, but it benefited thousands of individuals by providing government employment.

However, the infrequently mentioned truth of the New Deal is its total failure to solve the Depression. Every government job requires thousands of private jobs to fund them. Thus, the larger the portion of employment represented by public jobs, the more lucrative the private sector’s performance must be in order to fund government.

This isn’t exactly rocket surgery here, according to this story in USA Today, the average federal salary is $67k, nearly $7k higher than the private sector. Keep in mind those numbers are from 2008, they’ve likely declined significantly in the private sector while the public unions most assuredly prevented a pay decrease.

When you hear a politician talking about the federal government creating jobs, they are molesting the truth. In order for the federal government to increase employment opportunities without creating a deficit, the private sector has to create more revenue. That isn’t possibly during a recession. All of the discussion from the left on increasing taxes to force the wealthy to pay their fair share? Bupkus.

It wasn’t an issue before the recession, it’s not an issue now. The problem is the Democrats refuse to cut spending despite borrowing 43 cents of every dollar. You’re not going to make a dent in that by increasing taxes and taxes paid have never proven to have the effect of bolstering the economy. To the contrary, the economy functions independent of government attempts to stimulate. Production & consumption equalize at a certain point with population growth, that is the only way to have a stable economy.

Deception from the biggest con artist since his predecessor is no surprise to those who are seeking information on their own, the current Oval Office occupier attempted to portray his 6 percent victory in the popular vote as a landslide shift in American political leanings. However, the reality of the situation is the minority and first time voters turned out in record numbers in 2008 and overwhelmingly voted in favor of his continued kowtowing to corporate and banking interests.

Regardless, voters in 2012 have a responsibility to recognize the fraud taking place with his claims of job creation and student loan forgiveness. One candidate remains between the two parties who has a track record of honesty and consistent dedication to principle. Remove everything else taking place and I prefer an honest man I can trust to one telling me he’ll help me with my problems whom I cannot trust.

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One response to “2012 Vote Purchase Campaign Begins in Earnest for Chairman Zero (Obama)

  1. Sneed

    You’re obviously racist if you don’t trust the pathological liar in chief. No doubt Herman Cain is as well . . . . Should HC the Useless be nominated it will be entertaining to see how zero and the little dems play the race card.

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