The Right is Wrong on Same Sex Marriage and Ron Paul is the Best Candidate on Social Issues

Much has been said over the course of the last several decades regarding the rights of same sex couples to marry. On the side of the evangelical right wing, you’ll find the nauseating views of Rick Santorum, a despicable and hateful person who has advocated in public his belief that same sex marriage undermines the American society.

“In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing. And when you destroy that you have a dramatic impact on the quality.”

My thoughts on Slick Rick are fairly simple, he’s an enemy of liberty and he’s such a toxic person the EPA is seeking appropriate guidance should they ever have to oversee his disposal.

But I’m curious which the evangelical right finds more offensive?

This heterosexual woman?


Zach Wahls, a man who by all accounts would make one hell of a better candidate for the GOP than Lord Frothiness.

The reality is the fabric of the American family has been undermined by growing divorce rates and an overall lack of understanding society-wide in what it takes to make a marriage work. Who knows why it’s taken this long to become pervasive, but at some point, marriage in America was done … better.

I’ve been married and I’ve been on lengthy military deployments. If homosexual people really want access to both, I’m not going to object. Sometimes you have to experience something in order to realize how truly miserable it can be, sort of like spinach.

This is the real strength of Ron Paul’s candidacy. He doesn’t want the government involved in marriage at all, but if the states decide they want to legalize it, they can. Can you really argue that the fabric of the American society has been undermined by homosexuality? On the list of issues negatively effecting American society, I would place homosexuality somewhere north of Family Guy but south of Jersey Shore.

It’s time to get moving folks. The Blue Republican movement needs to hammer down in the next week. If you are any party of voter, register Republican immediately tomorrow in order to vote in the primaries. We have to take advantage of the opportunity to stop choosing between the lesser of two evils and finally vote for a man who is qualified and deserving of the office.

The military deserves better commanders-in-chief than we’ve given them, the nation needs a true leader unafraid of taking on the establishment that has railroaded us to the brink of collapse and we are in desperate need of a strong voice willing to shut down the bankers and corporations who have destroyed the economy with the help of Congress and the Federal Reserve.

Occupy Wall St.? Time to occupy the White House via Dr. No and his loyal band of dedicated Constitutional adherents.

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3 responses to “The Right is Wrong on Same Sex Marriage and Ron Paul is the Best Candidate on Social Issues

  1. ApBarbie

    Well said Mr. Stern. I have a strong belief that many conservatives truly feel the same way you do but are too much like sheep to stand up against the party and say something. For fear they may get roughed up on the playground? Perhaps. One statement I am not on board with 100 percent, is: “On the list of issues negatively effecting American society, I would place homosexuality somewhere north of Family Guy but south of Jersey Shore.” I don’t believe homosexuality is detrimental to society and certainly not more so than Family Guy- that show promotes beastiality. Gross.

  2. Meagan

    Seth, thanks for posting this. I usually stay out of political debates and let others think freely as long as I’m given the same courtesy. But, homophobic people and strong opponents of gay marriage are the few that will really get under my skin. It’s nice to know that among all the hatred (such as this: there are tolerant people that can hopefully make the U.S. a more loving place for this demographic. I would vote for Ron Paul just to stop some of the other candidates!

  3. I’m beginning to feel like this will never change. People are people. How long will it take for people to see that every civil rights movement ends with the people who are without a certain freedom gaining that freedom, and history looking down on the shortsightedness of the individuals who oppose it?

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