Ron Paul’s Performance at Republican Debate Highlights Flaws of Christopher Hitchens’ Philosophy

Christopher Hitchens was quite outspoken about the danger he foresaw were an extremist theocracy such as Iran to attain a nuclear weapon while at the same time, he supported the Iranian people’s human rights. Hitchens passed away Thursday, succumbing to cancer at the age of 62.

In this video, Hitchens highlighted some of the issues he had with the Iranian government. While he speaks to the unrest among the Iranian people, he very eloquently frames many of the issues that have arisen as a result of the decisions of the Mullahs.

Hitchens, well beyond the understanding of every GOP candidate other than Ron Paul, comprehends the difference between the Iranian people and the Iranian government. Unfortunately, Hitchens advocated U.S. intervention in Iran as he believed the same Iranian government presenting the biggest threat to the Iranian people, he considered the Iranian leadership to be madmen. Hitchens, it bears mentioning, was a passionate atheist.

The video closes with Hitchens asking a question. Which is a bigger threat? A nuclear Iran or an Iran told they cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

By and large the rest of the GOP stands with the late Mr. Hitchens who is, far and away, much better at explaining the issue, though he comes up short of presenting a solution. In the following video, he again highlights the many issues behind the feared combination of Iran and nuclear.

For Hitchens, Israel a pseudo-theocracy, doesn’t present as much of a threat for having nuclear weapons because the government treats the citizens better. An interesting philosophy, but I won’t speak ill of the recently deceased. (unless it’s Teddy Kennedy, he earned it, RIH Teddy)

Ron Paul, however, appeals to those who are tired of war. Though the Republican hawks of a strong national security policy including preemption are popular amongst a specific sector of the Republican base, the rest of the nation has grown tired of being at war. Not only does Paul speak against the tough talk the rest of the candidates are willing to have broadcast around the world, including, one assumes, to Iran; he has stated repeatedly he wants to end all foreign aid, including to Israel, in order to allow sovereign nations to work with each to resolve their differences.

He went toe-to-toe with Bachmann last night and accurately called her out for drumming up war propaganda much as the Bush Administration did before going into Iraq for weapons of mass destruction they, “knew without a doubt” Saddam Hussein’s government possessed.

Bachmann states with certainty that were Iran to attain a nuclear weapon they would wipe Israel off the map and would use it to attack the U.S. The problem with that statement is the Israelis, without U.S. interference, have proven perfectly capable of defending their own borders. Not only are they capable, but they are entirely willing.

The withdrawal of the U.S. government from the Middle East would force the rest of the nations with strategic interests to assist in the peacemaking process. We’re currently paying Egypt to play nice with Israel, while borrowing every penny from China. Huh?

Ron Paul is the sole candidate for peace between the two parties. This alone gives him broad appeal neither the sitting president, nor any of the other GOP candidates have with independent, third party and unaffiliated voters, you know, the people who actually decide general elections.

Now what’s interesting is Congress, that is the senate and the House of Representatives, may have provided a major boost to Ron Paul’s campaign this week with the passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Appropriations Authorization, which includes language allowing the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism or supporting terrorism without trial, charge or counsel.

Meaning if the Dept. of Justice brands you a suspected terrorist in a year because you fall under one of these descriptions, you may very well land on Guantanamo Bay without anyone knowing. Yes, this is the extreme interpretation, yes, it is appropriate to look at any law generated by Congress in the most extreme situation possible because they sure as hell aren’t doing it.

Last of all, after the debate in the spin room, Sean Hannity, another talking head at Fox News who doesn’t like the idea of a true pacifist unwilling to flaunt the Constitution in order to send American military to other parts of the world to preemptively attack possible future threats, interviewed Ron Paul.

Hannity isn’t someone I like, in fact, I think he and virtually everyone at Fox News aside from Judge Andrew Napolitano are scum. O’Reilly, Hannity, et al, are neocon right wing hacks who would gladly vote for the downright evil Dick Cheney were he to run for office again.

The tone of Hannity’s interview is similar to Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and the other moderators who really are doing everything they can to paint Paul as unelectable. They continue to press him to say he will put the party before his principles and the man is steadfastly refusing, as he damned well should. The rest of the Republican Party has no integrity to speak of.

What the propaganda arm of the Republican Party forgets (talking about Fox News) is a significant portion of Americans are disenfranchised not only with the Democrat with no discernible record who said he would bring “hope & change” to D.C., but with the Republicans who only found the religion of lower spending and lower taxes after a Democrat took the White House.

You folks just don’t seem to get it. We’re tired of picking between the bowl of poo and its reflection in the mirror, if many of us had our way, everybody in D.C. would be fired aside from the Pauls, Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders. I can’t stand Sanders myself, but he’s consistent in his ability to be on the wrong side of many issues. The rest of the politicians are far too much like Romney & Gingrich, flip flopping depending on the audience.

If you’re disgusted by the passage of the indefinite detention act, if you’re tired of choosing between politicians instead of leaders and if you really want to piss off either the Democrats or Republicans, donate to Ron Paul’s moneybomb today here. This man may very well be the last hope of the Constitution.


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One response to “Ron Paul’s Performance at Republican Debate Highlights Flaws of Christopher Hitchens’ Philosophy

  1. Sneed

    If Paul somehow won the nomination the R party would support zero behind the scenes if not openly.. Paul would only be elected against the united opposition of the status quo. That could conceivably happen but I’d take the other side of that bet.

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