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BCS Championship Game Mirrors US Politics: Oklahoma St. Received Ron Paul Treatment

Last night witnessed half of a soccer game in the BCS National Championship Game featuring a rematch of SEC rivals LSU and Alabama. Earlier in the year LSU beat Alabama 9-6 in overtime, providing the only loss for either team in the regular season.

While I watched the GOP primary season and the college football bowl seasons running parallel for the last month, I realized how perfectly the BCS has encapsulated everything that is wrong with politics in America.

The BCS came to be after a number of bowl seasons ended with ties in the voting for national champions. Obviously there has to be a winner in anything this lucrative, so the wealthiest conferences in college football got together, decided they best represented the best in the land for college football, and designed the BCS.

Part of the BCS is what they designated AQs or Automatic Qualifiers, wherein the highest ranked football team from each of the six conferences (and Notre Dame) involved in designing the BCS would receive automatic bids to one of the four BCS bowl games with the top two teams according to the BCS formula were guaranteed to play for the championship.

At the time, not much was thought of the eventual consequences of such a protectionist racket, until Urban Meyer’s University of Utah Utes crashed the BCS in 2004. They went undefeated in their non-BCS conference but beat some very talented Mountain West teams along the way.

Their reward? Drubbing the Big East AQ U of Pittsburgh 35-7. The Big East, btw, is the softest of the AQ conferences.

A year later Boise St. wrecked the party and defeated Oklahoma in one of the most exciting BCS games ever.

At any rate, this year Oklahoma St. won the Big-12, had one loss, on the road, in double OT, the same day several members of the university athletic staff were killed in a plane crash during a recruiting trip.

They were the clear #3 team according to the BCS rankings. LSU & Alabama had already played once in what many people considered a boring game. Why would a championship system rematch two teams from the same division of the same conference when only one of them won their conference?

And this is very nearly the position Ron Paul finds himself in right now. Despite a very strong finish of third in the Iowa caucus, despite polling solidly in the top three candidates for the GOP consistently and in the top two frequently, the media continues to tell the public he’s unelectable, he can’t win.

They’re wrong. Americans love the underdog story. As movies, Seabiscuit was reviewed much better than Secretariat; but as race horses, Seabiscuit couldn’t have caught Secretariat unless Big Red was asleep, but Seabiscuit was an underdog and won his races against “better” horses despite being considered inferior.

Make no mistake, this is no horse race, this is the nasty, ugly and unrepentant world of politics. A place where a man with a record as detestable as Newt Gingrich is considered a man of his word. Only when you assume the opposite of whatever emerges from his largest cranial cavity can you trust the contemptible, loathsome creature that is Gingrich. The man lies with the same comfort as he breathes.

Mitt Romney is a puppet of Goldman Sachs, his largest contributor, he’s nearly the consistency of pudding when it comes to the issues most voters use as a litmus test. The problem? None of those issues are relevant for this election.

The ’08 election was a foreign policy election that broke late into an election on the economy. Despite having utterly no economic knowledge whatsoever, Chairman Zero was fortunate to be paired with Stupid opposite his name on the ballot. Old Man river was leading the polls until he started speaking about the economy, at which point the wheels fell off.

Enter Ron Paul. No candidate in either party has demonstrated the foresight of Dr. Paul in either the economy or foreign policy, the two most important areas of this election. But he represents a clear and unmitigated threat to the status quo of bankers, corporation owners and Wall St. As such, they have given their orders to the media stations they own to keep him from winning.

They’ve used spin, lies and fabrication. They’ve ignored him whenever possible and yet, through the largest form of media, user generated, he’s defying their wishes.

Stunning isn’t it? You won’t see that type of record from Gingrich or Romney, but you’ll certainly see the doctrine of hatred consistently from Santorum. Who is a blight on the human race.

I feel for you Oklahoma St. But at least you got a better shake in the media than Ron Paul.


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