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Trayvon Martin and Joseph Kony Demonstrate Impotence of Misguided American Rage

Trayvon Martin as most, if not all, of you know was murdered a month ago while walking home through a gated community. His offense? Purchasing a bag of skittles, an iced tea and wearing a hoodie while being born the wrong color. Whether George Zimmerman is Caucasian or Hispanic is irrelevant, what he is and always will be, is a murderer, an idiot and an asshole.

The log of 911 calls Zimmerman made prior to that night indicates the shooting was, in a manner of speaking, premeditated. However, as the saying goes, there are three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth. This case is no different. By at least one witness account, the only shot fired was what ended a fight between the two men. That Trayvon was only 17-years-old does not subtract from the fact he was a pretty good sized kid.

I cannot and will not guess what happened that night and odds are the truth will never be known, but I can tell you Zimmerman had no business confronting anyone who wasn’t directly on his property, not even as part of his perceived duties under neighborhood watch.

However, the sensationalism of this story has officially gone viral. The Miami Heat donned hoodies and LeBron James tweeted this picture as an attempt to increase awareness. Conservative writers are of course attacking the New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton for making this a race issue while the NBB and Sharpton are calling for immediate justice.

Keep in mind, Al Sharpton once marched in North Carolina on behalf of a black woman who had been raped by affluent young white males; when it turned out the story in the media didn’t match the facts and there was massive corruption taking place by the prosecutor, Sharpton didn’t offer an apology to those young men. What makes people think this case is any more or less straight-forward?

I’ve done my best to highlight how useless the mainstream press and education systems have become, the actual effort that has followed the viral video Kony 2012 and now Trayvon’s case have highlighted how utterly impotent we’ve become as a nation. Kony’s video received so much attention, apparently the director lost his mind and decided he’d commit a public spermicide and wound up in jail.

Why is the case in Florida getting so much attention? A young black man was shot and killed before the age of 18. According to multiple government and private agencies, the leading cause of unnatural death for young black men in America is violence at the hands of young black men in America. The rates of homicide within that group are astounding. Ages 15-34, a black male in the US is most likely to die in a violent act committed by another black male of the same age category.

What’s remarkable about the online uproar is the total disconnect with the black communities who are saying stop making this a bigger issue than black-on-black crime. This search, indicates Trayvon’s death is having exactly the wrong effect for those who are seeking to stop interracial violence in the black community. One writer goes so far as to say this needs to be a racial issue of black Americans showing solidarity.

Between the meaningless sharing of Kony 2012 and the vocal but mostly ignorant outcry for Trayvon, Americans have demonstrated their total support for events they do not completely understand. The bottom line in all of this is social media is making a footprint in activism, this is good; but the people participating lack the motivation, understanding, knowledge and means to actually accomplish anything.

Let me pose a question for those who are unequivocally on the side of Trayvon and are demanding justice, what if Zimmerman is charged, prosecuted and found not guilty by a jury of his peers? What then? Because the last time people without all of the information demanded justice in such huge numbers and didn’t receive the outcome they desired, this was the result:

So for those who are alleging this was a hate crime, as opposed to an act of violence no different from the very same acts of violence taking place between young black men, I hope you have better reasons for the outcry than George Zimmerman’s race. Trayvon is gone, and that’s a tragedy, but it’s no more of a tragedy than any other time any person loses their life.

If we want true unity, we have to get away from this philosophy of ranking tragedies. Hate crimes are only different because of their motive. It is decidedly a violation of justice to tell one family their son’s death was less tragic than another. Murder is murder, assault is assault, vandalism is vandalism, we support hate speech as Constitutional because preservation of liberty and equality are vital to our views. But we have the gall to suggest one murder is less tragic than another because of motive.

If I kill a black man for his wallet, why is that less offensive than a black man killing me because I’m white? This idea has absolutely no merit. This was the product of emotional legislation. If we want equality, punish crimes, not motives.

Instead of constantly reacting from the heart, what we need as a country is to focus on critical thinking, analysis and non-emotional solutions to complicated problems. Lynch mobs were hell on crime as a deterrent, but they were emotionally triggered and many innocents died.

Laws need to come from the mind, not the heart. Activism should start at the heart, but should proceed from the mind. Emotional arguments will lose to logic every time.


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Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Concealed Carry on Public Campuses

Monday March 5, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the right of permitted individuals to carry concealed firearms on public universities. The decision confirmed the Court of Appeals ruling that the Colorado University Board of Regents (BOR) policy banning licensed concealed carry on campus since 1994, violated the Concealed Carry Act of 2003.

The original lawsuit was filed in December of 2008 by CU students on all three campuses (Denver, Colorado Springs & Boulder, aka The People’s Republic). El Paso County’s district court initially dismissed the lawsuit which resulted in Colorado State University’s Public Safety Team recommending a ban on campus CCW to the Board of Governors (BOG).

CSU’s chapter of Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) gathered thousands of signatures on a petition against the ban before the BOG issued their ruling. CSU’s student body government, Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) voted 21-3 against the ban. The BOG directed the presidents of the Pueblo and Fort Collins campuses to generate a police reflecting the ban and then things became interesting.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a brilliant young woman by the name of CJ Huffaker and an aspiring writer bearing a remarkable similarity to myself (it was me) filed a class-action lawsuit against the BOG for violating the Concealed Carry Act of 2003 as well as violating the state constitution.

Just before the case went to court, the court of appeals overturned the district court ruling and found the CU ban violated the CCA. The BOG rescinded their ban before it was to take effect and the RMGO eventually dropped the lawsuit.

Monday’s ruling settled the law – for now – regarding CCW on public campuses. Colorado School of Mines amended their campus policy Thursday morning in accordance with the ruling but CU still seems to be struggling with the repercussions.

I disagree with most of the political views on the left, but I understand the rationale behind most of their policies. They’re primarily based on unfounded fantasies with utterly no fathomable chance of success. But on the gun control issue I am admittedly lost.

Prohibitions don’t work unless the item being prohibited is in extremely limited quantity, nuclear weapons, for example. During the Cold War nuclear weapons were decidedly difficult to get a hold of; unfortunately, once the Soviet Union collapsed they became a bit easier to attain.

But the leftist view of firearms is just bizarre to me. People who are completely rational otherwise, on the subject of firearms, just fall apart at the seams. In the libertarian view, anything that doesn’t directly harm anyone else, or create a significant direct risk (DUIs, for instance, might be considered acceptable as crimes in a libertarian utopia) is acceptable.

Thus, I really don’t care about every individual in the country who owns any form of firearm until they commit or decide to commit a crime. At which point, I honestly don’t see the value in disarming everyone else. And that’s the dilemma, because the left simply does not seem capable of recognizing the fact that the gun laws mean nothing to those who use them for harm.

In which case, you want law abiding and competent citizens surrounding these individuals carrying their own firearms as a matter of day-to-day life. But the gun control crowd in all their fervor, wants to see a world with no firearms whatsoever. They claim they only want to eliminate gun violence and so they intend to leave sportsmen and hunters alone. Bullshit.

Their agenda is the eradication of firearms completely, including military and police. And this is what happens in a society that doesn’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, we started looking for causes to support, no matter how delusional and bound for failure they might be.

Thus, PETA now advocates 14th Amendment rights for Shamu and the Brady Campaign to End Self Defense want to ban the existence of firearms. You can’t convince me this world doesn’t need a biblical plague or flood. There’s simply too much silliness going on and the gun control debate is front and center proof that we are collectively off our rocker.

As proof, here’s the CU Independent’s take on the Supreme Court ruling from Monday. Note the second paragraph’s first sentence. This is a higher education institution’s newspaper folks, and she thinks the Supreme Court passed a law.

Say what you want about the Motor City Madman, but the Nuge knocks it out of the park with this one.

Pacifists say violence never solves anything, but it is all too often the only effective response to violence. All humans have the right to defend their lives as they see fit. In Colorado, that officially extends now to college campuses. (Except private schools and the Air Force Academy which is on federal land)

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Ron Paul’s Campaign Was Misguided from the Beginning

As the Super Tuesday Caucus and Primary results rolled in showing no major surprises with the detestable poster boy for Ultra-Religious Right Wing Bigotry Sen. Froth winning two bible-belt states and North Dakota and Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs’ Manchurian Candidate Romney taking six of the other states while Mr. Morality Fig Newton took Georgia, a state he once represented in the House, a startling thought occurred to me out of the blue.

Ron Paul should never have run for POTUS. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore the man and I sincerely believe he’s the only honorable man running on a platform of Constitutional adherence and tolerance of others. But the simple truth is, it’s going to take a billion dollars to buy … err … win the Oval Office in 2012 and Dr. Paul’s fervent followers only managed to raise $32 million for this campaign.

The reality of the situation is POTUS is a mostly meaningless political office unless you’re a narcissist like Comrade Zero or Mr. Morality and have the will to simply ignore what Congress does or wants. I’m not certain Romney has the capacity, though I’m certain Frothy does, to simply issue orders in defiance of the Constitution, common sense or any of the other binding laws the last two presidents simply disregarded when they became inconvenient.

So why should Paul have never run? Simple. For $32 million he’s going to spread his message to perhaps another 10 percent of the population actively engaged in politics at best. He’s likely going to have a platform at the RNC in Tampa and may even be granted a major speaking slot, though I doubt the GOP has any desire to allow such an opportunity. Let’s face it, corruption is the stain on both statist parties. The wolves, as the saying goes, are arguing over dinner while the sheep slumber on.

The Republican Party will not allow Paul to win, regardless of how many delegates he gets. So what should he have done differently? He should have harnessed his following and put the $32 million toward winning as many seats in the House as possible. A quick look through shows the majority of candidates have raised significantly less than a million smackeroos each thus far, a trend which will surely change as we approach the elections in November.

But not all of the seats in the House will go to highly contested seats with significant fund raising campaigns. What I think Paul should have done or should consider doing if his popularity continues to grow in 2014, is push the fund raising as he has for the last 4 years, but instead of focusing on the most powerful office on the planet, he should instead hand-select candidates he trusts to stick to the principles so many of us support out of the districts with candidates raising the least amount of money.

The correlation of fund raising to winning elections is obvious, not impenetrable, but obvious. If you raise more money than your opponent, you’re probably going to win. Thus, the $32 million raised for the 2012 POTUS campaign, might represent as many as 64 seats in the House. Now you want to talk about changing the discourse? The Tea Party hacks like Colorado’s Cory Gardner demonstrating all the Constitutional understanding of a nightcrawler would be shredded on the floor by the Don’t Tread On Me Congressional Caucus.

It might only last one session, but the simple truth is, it’s going to be much easier to take back Congress than the White House and the federal government is intended to be a Congress-run government anyway. War Declarations, the purse strings and the veto-override are all to be found within Article 1. I say it’s time to piss off the statists in both parties and take back the House.

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