Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Concealed Carry on Public Campuses

Monday March 5, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the right of permitted individuals to carry concealed firearms on public universities. The decision confirmed the Court of Appeals ruling that the Colorado University Board of Regents (BOR) policy banning licensed concealed carry on campus since 1994, violated the Concealed Carry Act of 2003.

The original lawsuit was filed in December of 2008 by CU students on all three campuses (Denver, Colorado Springs & Boulder, aka The People’s Republic). El Paso County’s district court initially dismissed the lawsuit which resulted in Colorado State University’s Public Safety Team recommending a ban on campus CCW to the Board of Governors (BOG).

CSU’s chapter of Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) gathered thousands of signatures on a petition against the ban before the BOG issued their ruling. CSU’s student body government, Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) voted 21-3 against the ban. The BOG directed the presidents of the Pueblo and Fort Collins campuses to generate a police reflecting the ban and then things became interesting.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a brilliant young woman by the name of CJ Huffaker and an aspiring writer bearing a remarkable similarity to myself (it was me) filed a class-action lawsuit against the BOG for violating the Concealed Carry Act of 2003 as well as violating the state constitution.

Just before the case went to court, the court of appeals overturned the district court ruling and found the CU ban violated the CCA. The BOG rescinded their ban before it was to take effect and the RMGO eventually dropped the lawsuit.

Monday’s ruling settled the law – for now – regarding CCW on public campuses. Colorado School of Mines amended their campus policy Thursday morning in accordance with the ruling but CU still seems to be struggling with the repercussions.

I disagree with most of the political views on the left, but I understand the rationale behind most of their policies. They’re primarily based on unfounded fantasies with utterly no fathomable chance of success. But on the gun control issue I am admittedly lost.

Prohibitions don’t work unless the item being prohibited is in extremely limited quantity, nuclear weapons, for example. During the Cold War nuclear weapons were decidedly difficult to get a hold of; unfortunately, once the Soviet Union collapsed they became a bit easier to attain.

But the leftist view of firearms is just bizarre to me. People who are completely rational otherwise, on the subject of firearms, just fall apart at the seams. In the libertarian view, anything that doesn’t directly harm anyone else, or create a significant direct risk (DUIs, for instance, might be considered acceptable as crimes in a libertarian utopia) is acceptable.

Thus, I really don’t care about every individual in the country who owns any form of firearm until they commit or decide to commit a crime. At which point, I honestly don’t see the value in disarming everyone else. And that’s the dilemma, because the left simply does not seem capable of recognizing the fact that the gun laws mean nothing to those who use them for harm.

In which case, you want law abiding and competent citizens surrounding these individuals carrying their own firearms as a matter of day-to-day life. But the gun control crowd in all their fervor, wants to see a world with no firearms whatsoever. They claim they only want to eliminate gun violence and so they intend to leave sportsmen and hunters alone. Bullshit.

Their agenda is the eradication of firearms completely, including military and police. And this is what happens in a society that doesn’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, we started looking for causes to support, no matter how delusional and bound for failure they might be.

Thus, PETA now advocates 14th Amendment rights for Shamu and the Brady Campaign to End Self Defense want to ban the existence of firearms. You can’t convince me this world doesn’t need a biblical plague or flood. There’s simply too much silliness going on and the gun control debate is front and center proof that we are collectively off our rocker.

As proof, here’s the CU Independent’s take on the Supreme Court ruling from Monday. Note the second paragraph’s first sentence. This is a higher education institution’s newspaper folks, and she thinks the Supreme Court passed a law.

Say what you want about the Motor City Madman, but the Nuge knocks it out of the park with this one.

Pacifists say violence never solves anything, but it is all too often the only effective response to violence. All humans have the right to defend their lives as they see fit. In Colorado, that officially extends now to college campuses. (Except private schools and the Air Force Academy which is on federal land)

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