The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley and UCLA Rallies

The corporate media owned by mega-corporations and the mainstream “old media” (newspapers, radio, broadcast TV) have done a horrendous job of covering Ron Paul’s campaign. Just this week the loathsome Party Propaganda Machine Fox News rolled out this bovine fecal matter in their usual underhandedness ensuring “Fair and Balanced” remains a punchline to the informed.

Their claim is that Ron Paul’s campaign has “gone dark” and held only one campaign event so far this month. Note the date of April 4th with the weekend starting on the 1st. To see any of the cable news channels as legitimate informers is the height of lunacy. Not only has the mainstream press wholly abandoned accurate reporting for all of the candidates (Sen. Frothy & the Team Vatican pulls the majority of attention not already purchased by Gov. Robot & Team Temple), they’re now blatantly ignoring major stories.

This week Ron Paul held rallies at Chico St., UCLA and UC Berkeley. To say he rocked all three of these places would be a massive understatement. Paul drew over 6,000 to his rally at Chico St., 8,000 to his final rally at UC Berkeley and some estimates are placing his attendance at UCLA at over 10,000, check out the capacity crowd. Fire marshals wouldn’t let at least another 1,000 into the stadium and the trees in pictures are filled with attendees.

When Mitt Romney played to an empty Detroit Lions Football Stadium, the story gathered much coverage.

So what gives? The delegate count is completely unknown. The straw votes at the caucuses were non-binding and Paul still landed 2nd in the majority of the state party counts. His campaign’s strategy of having supporters get locked in as delegates is sneaky, and if the brokered convention becomes a reality in August, could pay massive dividends. I suspect a much higher number of delegates will shift to Dr. Paul if Romney fails to clinch.

Regardless, Ron Paul runs on the platform of threatening the status quo. He not only embraces this, he’s using it as a trampoline from which he flies into the air in front of the young disenfranchised former-party voters with both middle fingers extended to the corporate and banking owners of the government and politicians Occupy Wall St. finds so detestable.

A Ron Paul presidency would directly undermine the pocketbooks of most of the ultra-wealthy who control the cable media directly and in Rupert Murdoch’s case, some of the old media as well. This is why the open distaste for Paul is so nakedly obvious on Fox News. In a debate with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Chris Wallace, Ron Paul would go off on the three of them like the ’92 Dream Team went off on the world in the Barcelona Olympics.

Which explains why this week, the same day the Texan broke records in California, Fox News slides out a sensationalist piece of flotsam designed to pull in the non-thinking voters they’ve come to depend on for revenue. It’s sad really, we have two parties of misinformation fighting for control of a government they don’t actually run directly regardless and the press charged with reporting the facts is nowhere to be seen.

Gerald Celente, head of the Trends Research Institute, predicted in 2010 that an “Internet Candidate” would emerge in 2012 to challenge the two party system. This is without a doubt, going to be Ron Paul as I foresee massive fraud taking place in Tampa in August. Make no mistake, the GOP would rather talk George Bush Sr. out of retirement to run for another term than have Ron Paul at the top of their ticket. The party and powers that be absolutely despise his anti-statist views.

What’s interesting is the GOP is in total denial about the general election trends of the last several decades. Presidential elections are never decided by the parties’ registered voters who pick the candidate in the primary process. Presidential elections are won by the candidate who motivates the unaffiliated, undecided and third party voters to vote for them. Comrade Zero motivated two groups with traditionally low voter turnout to show up on election day with racial minorities and young voters participating in record numbers and overwhelmingly in his favor.

He wasn’t nominated by either of those two groups.

Ron Paul is the best chance the Republican Party has of winning the November election and the Party power brokers recognize the nightmare for their chokehold on the power represented by Dr. Paul. Don’t look for the Old Media to start covering Paul’s campaign in any substantive or accurate way, nor should you look for cable news (other than Jon Stewart anyway) to show him any respect.

But come August, look to the Gulf side of Florida for fireworks. This fight is far from over and it may very well not be in the hands of the party when it’s all said and done.



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10 responses to “The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley and UCLA Rallies

  1. Sneed

    RP is not the R’s best chance of winning the general election as he is no longer a republican. The party itself is 100% RiNOS so an actual R is no longer welcome in the party.

  2. That’s why my motto is SCREW THE MEDIA…RON PAUL 2012 OR THE REPUBLIC DIES!

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  4. jt24-7

    The media can legally lie

    In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

  5. The link below lists what I think is the REAL reason Ron Paul is being ignored. Take the time to watch the video link, read the article on Israel and understand the immense power, money and privilege that is being brought to bear against this man.

    Judge Napolitano lost his job on Faux News when he dared to speak the truth against it. Why not Ron Paul when Israel would lose so much money and material assistance. Why would Israel want a person in office who would not fight their wars or be their proxy for the same.

  6. Carlos


  7. This took me 24 hours of editing video of Ron Paul’s massive UCLA rally last week. Synced together my own footage with some other HD video clips. Enjoy 🙂

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  10. Jason

    Why won’t the occupy wall street people occupy the media until they report what is true, and force them to stop the black out. They want to fix Wall Street put Ron Paul in office.

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