Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota Colorado Delegates to the Chagrin of the Mainstream Media … and Mitt Romney Meanwhile Marine Major Christopher Miller Goes Viral

Despite the media and Republican Party having declared Mitt Romney the GOP nominee for the 2012 presidential election, fewer than half of the states have actually chosen their delegates for the convention in Tampa in August.

However, the media has done not a middling job, not a mediocre job, but a horrendous job of reporting the nomination process for this year’s primary and caucus season. Several states have non-binding straw votes on the day of their caucuses, Ron Paul hasn’t yet won a primary or caucus vote though it bears mentioning, voter fraud is strongly suspected in Alaska, Maine and Nevada.

Despite this perceived lack of electability on behalf of the GOP and media, the Paul campaign has persisted on both their message of a clear delegate strategy and demonstrating they know what they’re talking about.

As I wrote in this post last week, Santorum’s supporters have teamed up with Dr. Paul’s and have adopted a “anyone but Mitt” mentality. Ostensibly this won’t include Newt, but what it has done is upset the Romney apple cart.

Witness the highly amused Rachel Maddow admitting Ron Paul has won Iowa.

Notice how dubious she seems that Iowa has selected their third caucus winner for 2012? Maddow is one of the few hosts known to give Paul adequate time to explain his nuanced views and she credits his consistency of message.

The compliment from the majority of talking heads (who have given him any opportunity to speak at length) is he makes you think and he’s never been accused of pandering to gain voters. His message is the same now as it was in the late ’70s but now his predictions have been proven accurate and his message is spreading thanks to the internet.

CNBC’s Squawk Box had Dr. Paul as a guest co-host this weekend and despite him not quite doing as well as I would have liked during the argument with Stephen Roach (the dollar has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power since 1913), they did give him a hell of a lot of air time and is worth the watch. He really did push the buttons of the co-hosts throughout the show.

We’re not willing to support one statist over another. Yes, we see the narcissism, if not the naked messianic complex, of the president and the damage he’s likely to do if reelected. However, we have utterly no reason to believe Mitt Romney, who is already bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, will be any different.One of the more popular videos this past weekend prior to the Iowa news and the Squawk Box hosting was of Marine Major Christopher Miller declaring definitively the problems he sees with voting for Romney, from whom the Obama administration has taken much of their strategy, over Obama. These are the sentiments of virtually every Ron Paul supporter.

He’s got the support of the military and he’s got the most passionate and dedicated supporters of any candidate and he’s not going anywhere.


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