And Then There Were Two: Gingrich Drops Out, the Entire Republican Party Machine is Now Focused on Suppressing the Paul Campaign

Newt’s gone. This has easily surpassed the most attention I’ve ever given to a nomination process and it hasn’t disappointed for frustration with the media and voters. At times I’ve had to remind myself how insurmountable the odds have been against a Ron Paul nomination. I make no bones about it.

I sincerely believe if Paul emerged as the nominee in Tampa, the GOP would discretely support the sitting president rather than have an anti-statist, anti-interventionist, strict-constructionist like Ron Paul potentially influencing generations of voters to come with his message of peace, love, controlled spending, non-intervention and liberty.

So through all the crap scattered by the party fan hoping for anyone but Mitt, Dr. Paul has emerged still speaking to his message, still packing in the crowds of young voters eager to hear a message of true and dedicated change and still raising money. He’s not going anywhere and why should he? Because the same GOP and propaganda arm Fox News say he should?

This is a party that wholly abandoned their principles in 2001 and have drifted left at maximum warp ever since. They don’t want to admit it, cretins like Dick Morris scoff when Paul accurately labels him a statist. Sorry Dick, but when you advocated drug testing every high school student in America, you were advocating statism.

What do we have left? Two indistinguishable left-of-center Ivy League educated, well-connected, TBTF bank supported puppets bickering over who will command the military, appoint judges and ignore Constitutional restraints from 2013-2017. Wonderful. At least we can count on Mitt to pick a solid VP from the myriad smorgasbord of potential candidates right?

Wrong. Marco Rubio, another RINO, gave a speech that indicates what most of the awakened Americans already knew, the Republican Party is just as incompetent and horrible for the country as their Democrat counterparts.

He gave this speech yesterday at the Brookings Institute and by all rights he advocated the a foreign policy so interventionist it would make J. Edgar Hoover weep for joy. It makes George Orwell look like the architect for modern government, rather than an author who warned us.

Pay attention to the specific language Rubio used, “I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business,” he said. This is a potential candidate for VP suggesting the federal government of the US has a need, nevermind a right, to know what is going on all over the world. He specifically identified tiny hamlets in Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen.

What?! It’s difficult to remain calm knowing these are the people making decisions that effect us all, but the American people began voting for the services politicians promised to provide with other people’s money when FDR came to power and that’s really all you need to know. We collectively have not shown any interest in voting for candidates who reflect sound moral conscience.

The parties encourage this behavior of course. In New York this week a county chairman for the GOP robocalled voters saying every candidate had dropped out except Mitt Romney. Dr. Paul is still in the race, still raising money and still racking up the delegates, so why would they lie?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing circles the wagons of the status quo like a threat to their power. Sound money, non-intervention, the end of bailouts, massive and substantive spending cuts, the end of cronyism and a non-puppet president would be devastating to the corporations and banks who have had their hand in the puppets for the last several decades.

They would have to generate a profit using sound business principles instead of having the two party system legislate new moral hazards that remove the liability from failure. Ron Paul doesn’t want to put them out of business, but he certainly plans to put the lobbyists and special interests on long-term vacation. His veto pen would be kept warm from friction with this Ship of Fools in Congress.

Congratulations Dr. Paul, you outlasted every RINO but one and now they’re going to have to cheat to keep you from making one hell of a fine mess in Tampa. Cleanup on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Next up? Let’s see what happens in Texas. The backyard of Rick Perry, Shrub and Hedge is Paul’s neighborhood, but don’t expect the GOP to pay fair. The game plan is to toss the rule book and do whatever it takes to put the Goldman Sachs puppet up against … the other Goldman Sachs puppet.


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One response to “And Then There Were Two: Gingrich Drops Out, the Entire Republican Party Machine is Now Focused on Suppressing the Paul Campaign

  1. Any time a politician says “the government has the right to [insert action here]”, you know he’s headed in the direction of all-out, pure statism and the denigration of states’ rights.

    Great column, as usual.

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