Ron Paul’s Address from University of South Florida

Well, in case you missed this story from HuffPo, the RNC/Romney Campaign offered Ron Paul a prime time slot of an hour to address the convention in Tampa. Their caveats? His speech had to be vetted by Romney’s campaign and he had to endorse Willard the Mediocre for president. Paul’s reaction? No thanks. I only give my speeches and I don’t endorse him for president.

Paul said thank you and carry forth the fight for liberty to legions of screaming fans in his usual dignified, grandfatherly way. I personally find it sad the way he was treated throughout all of this, I hoped to see just one or two mainstream press affiliates decide to report the truth of his talking points and to expose the suppression that was taking place. Sadly, money rules all in America.

Here’s Paul’s speech from “Paulfest” which arose out of need when the RNC became the last in a long line of failed special interests seeking to change Ron Paul. Runs about an hour and a half, start it at 8:30 if the coding doesn’t start it there.

Well fought sir. You’re not gone yet, but I already miss you. Raise hell these last few months before you retire. To hell with the RNC. They compromised everything they claimed to be starting in 2001 (if not significantly earlier), you stood strong.

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