About S. Jacob Stern

I was a columnist and blogger for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado State Univerity’s newspaper in addition to maintaining this blog. I tend to write about the factually inaccurate claims of both political parties, I am completely disenfranchised with the two-party system and I am an admitted, unashamed and exuberant supporter of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

I am presently a freelance writer and I write Notify Fort Collins. A blog covering local politics and government for Colorado’s Choice City.

Contact me via e-mail.

Follow me on Twitter: @sjstern

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3 responses to “About S. Jacob Stern

  1. How do we contact you via e-mail?

  2. Seth Kristol

    Really enjoy your writing style, has a sort of HL Mencken meets Herb Caen thing going for it. One comment, I’ve heard that Kim Jr. is of sufficiently subpar intellect to not be a threat to a house fly. Considering the repeatedly disastrous failures of our intelligence agencies, I suspect we’d be better off not making any conclusions about the would at all — and to simply come home.

  3. sjstern79

    My contact information is in the “About Me” page.

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