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The Cycle of Violence Continues Unabated

Monday’s act of cowardice in Boston provided us all a great snapshot of many things wrong with America. Within moments of the second explosion, social media began its inevitable avalanche of remorse, sorrow and generally understandable emotional responses.

But there’s a breakdown in the logic demonstrated by Americans. We have witnessed this multiple times in recent years through one tragedy or another. When Sandy Hook happened, the news coverage was unquestionably sensationalist. They saturated the coverage so effectively, people became convinced AR-15s are used daily in acts of gun violence (they’re not, they’re used in fewer than 1 percent of incidents nationwide).

The nation collectively mourned the innocent lives lost. Yet when the foreign, or alternative, press reports a loss of innocent children caused by an American drone or bomb as, “collateral damage,” we collectively ignore it and move on. How is that considered empathetic?

On the same day Americans were glued to their TVs and computers horrified by the loss of a dozen American lives, the UK’s Guardian reported a NATO airstrike killed 11 people Monday, 10 of whom were children.

These types of stories are related. There’s simply no question the foreign policy acts of the last several administrations have sown the seeds of venom in the Middle East toward Americans, but aside from a few in politics, this analysis isn’t presented to the American public because it means taking accountability for the past acts of government that occurred with consent of the people (though occasionally without their knowledge).

So it becomes an endless cycle of violence in the name of the collective. It’s so muddled at this point, it’s literally impossible to figure out who made the first move. But let’s start with Afghanistan, since it’s convenient.

We engaged in a covert war with the Soviet Union arming and training Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadists in their fight against a tyrannical Red Army which was slaughtering their people, raping their women and destroying their country.

Let me say that again. We trained and armed Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadists in Afghanistan to fight what was likely the most powerful military on Earth at the time, tied for first at worst.

When the Soviets left, so did the US support; leaving two power vacuums in one nation of warrior Jihadists. And apparently no one thought that was going to create a problem – mad props to Charlie Wilson for at least attempting to leave a positive footprint, but he failed and so did the US.

We know now the decision to train Usama Bin Laden then leave him to his laurels was a mistake which cost the lives of 3000 Americans. But do we ever take the next step and ask ourselves what effect our response has had and will have on the Afghani, Pakistani and Iraqi people in the wars which followed?

Not often enough. By undertaking the wars with the methods we used, we unquestionably created more future enemies for ourselves. And I do say we because when the American people allow two presidents in a row to do the things Shrub and Zero have – keep in mind, they legitimately have no concern for the unintended consequences of their actions – we have to assume some of the responsibility.

If we’d spent the same amount of money we did on the aggregate costs of Operation Enduring Freedom and later Operation Iraqi Freedom – estimated by Harvard to be as high as $6 trillion – to pay every Iraqi (33 million) and Afghani (36 million), they would have each received nearly $87,000.00.

You know what you’re not going to be to the people who give you the better part of a hundred large? An enemy. The Bush Administration famously blamed America’s freedom for the attacks 12 years ago, apparently attempting to rectify that issue, the Bush Administration then repealed the 4th Amendment to the Constitution with the Patriot Act. Double irony.

What can we take from this? In my perception, due to the perverted view of patriotism the country believes today, the politicians at the highest levels work with the bureaucrats to never appear weak and that means an aggressive foreign policy.

The unintended consequences of that foreign policy lead to attacks on the American people who are then frightened into paralysis by a sensationalist media taking advantage of a captive audience – by the way, you are allowed to turn off the TV and find something better to do – the audience understandably supports the, “common sense,” measures suggested by the political leaders who indirectly inspired the incident.

The people then willingly watch their rights erode before their eyes, believing they will now be safer from attack. But the attacks keep coming, because the circle hasn’t yet been broken.

If the American people want these attacks on innocent American men, women and children to stop, it’s not going to happen with more guards at the airport, cavity searches, more cops, fewer rights or more tyranny. We have to stop solving our problems overseas with violence against innocent men, women and children.


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What the Republican Party Must Do To Return to Power

We all know the results of Tuesday’s election. No question. But why were so many more Republicans losers in this economy with such an unpopular president?

Social conservatives. Mourdock, Akin, Romney and Ryan just weren’t the right guys for the job. They believed the president was unpopular for the whole-politician-concept. He’s not. And he was vulnerable, so were the Democrats, so what happened?

Dim bulbs listened to Fox News and Limbaugh, thinking because they’re popular, that’s what a majority of the Electoral College voters would be thinking. They’re not.

The average voter doesn’t realize how bad things are economically and that the key sources of the economic troubles, namely politicians of both parties, the banks, corporations and Federal Reserve, were presenting themselves as solutions.

Far be it from me to go “Wreck It Ralph” on this one, but how exactly are the people who caused the issues going to solve them and why would I trust them to do so without unstoppable repercussions that are much worse?

My bet is they can’t. Regardless of how bad things really are, the average voter has been told their whole life the government can stimulate economies in any circumstance by both politicians who use these arguments to promise government money to make life better for everyone and a press that tends to go along with government narratives rather than get along but still question and report everything.

It’s collusion-in-effect, that or they’re all really stupid and even they don’t realize how bad things are. I say this with the assumption my readers actually do comprehend how bad things are economically for the nation, I don’t believe I have a monopoly on the information, not by any means.

What happened to cause the GOP to lose was they assumed the unpopularity of the Democrats leading up to the election was social issues. It wasn’t, but they were played by the Democrat politicians into the arena of social issues. I have to give it to the Democrats, they played this one perfectly.

Most of America still cares about social issues, I assume most have views similar to mine, namely:

Late-term voluntary non-triage abortion is the only form of abortion that should be criminalized, science supports this and the right can live with the fact only potential life is protected, not valid life. The point at which a fetus could survive without gestation.

Gay marriage and civil unions aren’t anything the federal government should be involved with, period. The states are gradually coming around on this issue, and I realize that’s not fast enough for the politically-active, but so what? Civil rights for blacks took decades and you want it immediately from the feds? Why not just keep pushing to educate people, recognizing that the government changes to reflect the people, not vice versa?

Gun control is a bad idea for the federal government to get involved with, just based on their complete inability to do nearly anything else right, federal prohibitions on anything have a tendency to empower organized crime. The states can handle it. I live in Colorado, despite Aurora and Columbine, I still don’t want D.C. making things worse. The more educated and responsible gun owners we have amongst us, the less problematic the firearms will be for the society.

Foreign Policy and Economics are the areas in which the Republican Party must differ from Democrats. The Democrats are the pro-war party historically. We forget, but Democrats put us into everything before Reagan, with the exception of Lincoln, anyway. Take a look through history, Wilson in WWI, FDR in WWII, Truman in Korea and Kennedy gets the call for Vietnam.

So why not let them keep the pro-war agenda and at least pull back the troops from Europe and Asia (except South Korea anyway, though that situation could benefit from some analysis also) and reopen the bases they closed as Reserve or Guard bases? There’s no reason not to at least outspend the rest of the world combined on defense spending in our own country, is there?

I wouldn’t feel any less safe on a global scale if the boys and girls in Europe came home, would you? We have 11 Aircraft Carrier groups, Italy and Spain each have 2, they’re tied globally for 2nd in total carriers.

And on Economics, I seriously think the Independent, Third Party and Unaffiliated voters would be inclined to lean to the right on Economics. They want a fiscal conservative to vote for, maybe not Ron Paul’s call for sound money so much, since so few understand that, but a fiscally responsible candidate would appeal to them very much, as long as he didn’t come with the “legitimate rape” stigma.

On the issue of the drug war, I seriously think most people would be fine with allowing the states to decide which drugs are safe and which aren’t. There’s so little justification for federal involvement on this issue, particularly when compared to how well they’ve executed every other war.


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Mitt Romney Cannot Win in November, Gary Johnson Can

Gary Johnson was term-limited as a Republican Governor in a state with 2:1 ratio of Democrat to Republican. He climbed Everest with a broken leg, he balanced the state budget and removed onerous obstacles stifling small business growth and job creation. He makes no claims to have created any jobs and he has no interest in attacking Iran. He’s against the drug war which has had an disparately negative effect on minorities despite nearly identical drug use rates for Caucasians.

He doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth at every opportunity. He isn’t a puppet of Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street. He wasn’t born to a wealthy family fortune. In other words, he’s everything Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney claims to be but isn’t.

And today a petition went out, which stands nearly no chance whatsoever of succeeding, demanding the Romney campaign recognize they can’t possibly win the election (primarily without the Ron Paul/liberty/young voters they disenfranchised in Tampa in August) and step aside in order to give Gary Johnson a clear path to the White House.

Sign and share below:


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Ron Paul Delegate Success Harasses GOP into Threatening to Break Party Rules; Why Reality TV Fans Should Follow The Republican Primary

Ron Paul’s successes in the last month have gotten under the skin of the GOP. As their shenanigans to counter his success will undoubtedly gather steam in short order (they’ve already started), Ben Swann of Cincinnati’s Fox 19 Evening News exposed a few facts inconvenient to the GOP’s agenda of a Romney nomination.

Something awesome, this was comes.

For those of you who have a tendency to lean toward reality television or other pseudo-scripted drama, you want to start paying attention to the Republican Party process through the August convention in Tampa. Ron Paul had a very straightforward, open, declared and practical plan for the primary process and it’s paying dividends.

This letter was sent to the Maine state delegates and alternates this week.

When the pine beetles infested Colorado forests a few years back (they proceeded to decimate the forests and continue to do so), the pine trees responded to attacks by attempting to “bleed” out the parasites by pushing sap out as a natural defense. The eventual effect is the pine tree is dead, dry and standing tinder waiting to be knocked over by high winds or burnt to ashes by wildfire.

Rachel Maddow continues to be the only big time talking head willing to report the Paul campaign victories with veracity.

The Republican pine forests are becoming awful red.

Just for pure entertainment, this highly amusing clip of Shepherd Smith announcing Newt Gingrich’s campaign suspension.

Politics … is weird … and creepy.

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And Then There Were Two: Gingrich Drops Out, the Entire Republican Party Machine is Now Focused on Suppressing the Paul Campaign

Newt’s gone. This has easily surpassed the most attention I’ve ever given to a nomination process and it hasn’t disappointed for frustration with the media and voters. At times I’ve had to remind myself how insurmountable the odds have been against a Ron Paul nomination. I make no bones about it.

I sincerely believe if Paul emerged as the nominee in Tampa, the GOP would discretely support the sitting president rather than have an anti-statist, anti-interventionist, strict-constructionist like Ron Paul potentially influencing generations of voters to come with his message of peace, love, controlled spending, non-intervention and liberty.

So through all the crap scattered by the party fan hoping for anyone but Mitt, Dr. Paul has emerged still speaking to his message, still packing in the crowds of young voters eager to hear a message of true and dedicated change and still raising money. He’s not going anywhere and why should he? Because the same GOP and propaganda arm Fox News say he should?

This is a party that wholly abandoned their principles in 2001 and have drifted left at maximum warp ever since. They don’t want to admit it, cretins like Dick Morris scoff when Paul accurately labels him a statist. Sorry Dick, but when you advocated drug testing every high school student in America, you were advocating statism.

What do we have left? Two indistinguishable left-of-center Ivy League educated, well-connected, TBTF bank supported puppets bickering over who will command the military, appoint judges and ignore Constitutional restraints from 2013-2017. Wonderful. At least we can count on Mitt to pick a solid VP from the myriad smorgasbord of potential candidates right?

Wrong. Marco Rubio, another RINO, gave a speech that indicates what most of the awakened Americans already knew, the Republican Party is just as incompetent and horrible for the country as their Democrat counterparts.

He gave this speech yesterday at the Brookings Institute and by all rights he advocated the a foreign policy so interventionist it would make J. Edgar Hoover weep for joy. It makes George Orwell look like the architect for modern government, rather than an author who warned us.

Pay attention to the specific language Rubio used, “I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business,” he said. This is a potential candidate for VP suggesting the federal government of the US has a need, nevermind a right, to know what is going on all over the world. He specifically identified tiny hamlets in Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen.

What?! It’s difficult to remain calm knowing these are the people making decisions that effect us all, but the American people began voting for the services politicians promised to provide with other people’s money when FDR came to power and that’s really all you need to know. We collectively have not shown any interest in voting for candidates who reflect sound moral conscience.

The parties encourage this behavior of course. In New York this week a county chairman for the GOP robocalled voters saying every candidate had dropped out except Mitt Romney. Dr. Paul is still in the race, still raising money and still racking up the delegates, so why would they lie?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing circles the wagons of the status quo like a threat to their power. Sound money, non-intervention, the end of bailouts, massive and substantive spending cuts, the end of cronyism and a non-puppet president would be devastating to the corporations and banks who have had their hand in the puppets for the last several decades.

They would have to generate a profit using sound business principles instead of having the two party system legislate new moral hazards that remove the liability from failure. Ron Paul doesn’t want to put them out of business, but he certainly plans to put the lobbyists and special interests on long-term vacation. His veto pen would be kept warm from friction with this Ship of Fools in Congress.

Congratulations Dr. Paul, you outlasted every RINO but one and now they’re going to have to cheat to keep you from making one hell of a fine mess in Tampa. Cleanup on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Next up? Let’s see what happens in Texas. The backyard of Rick Perry, Shrub and Hedge is Paul’s neighborhood, but don’t expect the GOP to pay fair. The game plan is to toss the rule book and do whatever it takes to put the Goldman Sachs puppet up against … the other Goldman Sachs puppet.

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President Zero Makes More Mathematically Impossible Promises Resulting in a Boost to Ron Paul’s Allure

Boy that Ivy League Goldman Sachs Puppet knows how to stir up a crowd of delusional liberals doesn’t he? In case you missed the stopover in Boulder, Colorado last night, the floundering president stopped in to speak to his adoring masses in the People’s Republic and made more promises with other people’s money.

Speaking to the growing concerns of college students from coast-to-coast that his generation may have accidentally-on-purpose duped them into thinking everyone was not only entitled to higher education, but shouldn’t have to borrow money in order to achieve it, the campaign promises flowed aplenty.

Far be it from to criticize such an accomplished individual as his Zeroship, but this man couldn’t balance a checkbook given a calculator and three days. He suggested (keep in mind Boulder is 30 square miles surrounded by reality) to the known liberal stronghold the Buffalo call home, that although times are tougher for this generation of students, the money they are obligated to pay on their student loans would be better used reviving the economy.

The reaction from the crowd of lemmings? Cheers. This couldn’t be a more clear example of exactly what’s wrong with this nation. The incumbent liberal president suggesting more free services from a government that’s so far in the red “massively overextended” would be an immeasurable improvement.

But he didn’t stop there, oh no, doing his best Max Pruss impersonation the president stated, “We cannot price the middle class out of getting an education,” he said. “Higher education shouldn’t be a luxury.”

These claims coming from a man who has never actually put his education to work in the fields in which he graduated would be laughable if they weren’t indicative of his total disconnect from the economic situation, history and what the modern liberal interpretation of Keynes’ theories have done to the country.

Not one to sit around on his laurels when there’s campaigning and new toys to play with, the wizard of no-math informed the crowd that a bound to be successful ploy to distract young voters from his utter failure to accomplish anything he promised just four years ago was launching as a White House pet project.

#DontDoubleMyRate is the hashtag they plan to use to raise awareness. It seems a number of young voters who voluntarily borrowed money for school no longer wish to pay that money back at the agreed-upon rates.

The president suggested the American people need to invest in building America for the long-term. Investing in, “things like — education,” the jester suggested. For America’s strongest financial growth, never mind the facts, definitely did not take place during a time when blue collar jobs were a strong path to the middle class.

We can’t afford to correct the real problems in this country, out of control spending, interventionist foreign policy, massive waste and fraud in federal spending, acting as a puppet for the banks, you know, business as usual; so we’re going to offer the young voters who want a free lunch a free lunch and the older voters who don’t want changes to Medicare and Social Security the status quo and we’ll just let the president elected in 2016 deal with it.

A rhetorical question, is it feasible that someone could be both eloquent and not particularly well-educated? Coming out of the Ivy League most people assume graduates to be rather intelligent. Have you ever read the First Lady’s thesis from Princeton? Here’s a digital version, here’s the scanned version.

Is this the quality of writing we are willing to accept from graduates of Ivy League universities when they purport themselves to be the best of the best?

It’s become fashionable in the media to accuse anyone critical of the president and First Lady of being racist. However, I absolutely could care less about anyone’s skin color when it comes to the destruction of the Republic of the US of A. I despised this president’s predecessor as well as his and they were as white as Larry Bird. As far as I’m concerned the Ivy League is to blame for the state of this nation as well as the military service academies.

But let us assume for a moment that the thesis of the First Lady can be used as an indicator for how well educated her husband is. When he says something like, “We’re here because someone somewhere made an investment in each other,” adding that he’s dedicated to investing in students and making sure they have the opportunities he did.

Is it not a valid assumption that perhaps he doesn’t actually know anything significant about how to run anything? What has he ever actually been responsible for? She was an absolute disaster on the national stage and I roll my eyes when I hear her name, but do you realize Caribou Barbie herself was governor of the largest state in the union?

That was more responsibility than the current president ever had in his life prior to beating Old Man River and his running mate the Exxon Valdez in 2008. An election to a position, I might add, he voluntarily pursued and has spent the majority of his administration blaming his predecessor for not making better before departing.

There exists a disconnect between the two parties and the rest of the country. The two parties know they only really care about staying in power and the rest of the country thinks the parties care about the effects of what they have to do to achieve that end. Mitt Romney isn’t a threat to the status quo. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are the status quo.

As he was giving his speech promising free higher education and happiness to the middle class, the below meme was posted on the Veterans for Ron Paul Facebook page. We have to learn the lessons of FDR and Jimmy Carter. Politicians cannot continue to use our own money against us people.

They cannot provide us with anything we cannot do ourselves. In fact, they are no different from most Americans with the exception of the fact most Americans don’t think they deserve to sit on the right hand of God. I don’t want a politician who promises the federal government will do more for me. It’s been around 236 years for crying out loud. Take a break! You’re doing it wrong!

Stop believing the hype kids. He has nothing to offer you but empty promises that lead to ruin. He is a shell of what he claims to be, you can do more for yourself with hard work and determination than any politician will do for you with someone else’s money.

(all quotes attributed to The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s Facebook page, viewed here)

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Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota Colorado Delegates to the Chagrin of the Mainstream Media … and Mitt Romney Meanwhile Marine Major Christopher Miller Goes Viral

Despite the media and Republican Party having declared Mitt Romney the GOP nominee for the 2012 presidential election, fewer than half of the states have actually chosen their delegates for the convention in Tampa in August.

However, the media has done not a middling job, not a mediocre job, but a horrendous job of reporting the nomination process for this year’s primary and caucus season. Several states have non-binding straw votes on the day of their caucuses, Ron Paul hasn’t yet won a primary or caucus vote though it bears mentioning, voter fraud is strongly suspected in Alaska, Maine and Nevada.

Despite this perceived lack of electability on behalf of the GOP and media, the Paul campaign has persisted on both their message of a clear delegate strategy and demonstrating they know what they’re talking about.

As I wrote in this post last week, Santorum’s supporters have teamed up with Dr. Paul’s and have adopted a “anyone but Mitt” mentality. Ostensibly this won’t include Newt, but what it has done is upset the Romney apple cart.

Witness the highly amused Rachel Maddow admitting Ron Paul has won Iowa.

Notice how dubious she seems that Iowa has selected their third caucus winner for 2012? Maddow is one of the few hosts known to give Paul adequate time to explain his nuanced views and she credits his consistency of message.

The compliment from the majority of talking heads (who have given him any opportunity to speak at length) is he makes you think and he’s never been accused of pandering to gain voters. His message is the same now as it was in the late ’70s but now his predictions have been proven accurate and his message is spreading thanks to the internet.

CNBC’s Squawk Box had Dr. Paul as a guest co-host this weekend and despite him not quite doing as well as I would have liked during the argument with Stephen Roach (the dollar has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power since 1913), they did give him a hell of a lot of air time and is worth the watch. He really did push the buttons of the co-hosts throughout the show.

We’re not willing to support one statist over another. Yes, we see the narcissism, if not the naked messianic complex, of the president and the damage he’s likely to do if reelected. However, we have utterly no reason to believe Mitt Romney, who is already bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, will be any different.One of the more popular videos this past weekend prior to the Iowa news and the Squawk Box hosting was of Marine Major Christopher Miller declaring definitively the problems he sees with voting for Romney, from whom the Obama administration has taken much of their strategy, over Obama. These are the sentiments of virtually every Ron Paul supporter.

He’s got the support of the military and he’s got the most passionate and dedicated supporters of any candidate and he’s not going anywhere.

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