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Mitt Romney Cannot Win in November, Gary Johnson Can

Gary Johnson was term-limited as a Republican Governor in a state with 2:1 ratio of Democrat to Republican. He climbed Everest with a broken leg, he balanced the state budget and removed onerous obstacles stifling small business growth and job creation. He makes no claims to have created any jobs and he has no interest in attacking Iran. He’s against the drug war which has had an disparately negative effect on minorities despite nearly identical drug use rates for Caucasians.

He doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth at every opportunity. He isn’t a puppet of Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street. He wasn’t born to a wealthy family fortune. In other words, he’s everything Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney claims to be but isn’t.

And today a petition went out, which stands nearly no chance whatsoever of succeeding, demanding the Romney campaign recognize they can’t possibly win the election (primarily without the Ron Paul/liberty/young voters they disenfranchised in Tampa in August) and step aside in order to give Gary Johnson a clear path to the White House.

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Bill O’Reilly, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity vs. Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart and Ron Paul

As news emerged of Ron Paul’s slow but sure ascent to the top of the Iowa polls, the mainstream media’s efforts to undermine his legitimacy as a candidate slowly accelerated in intensity and rate. For the last several years such luminaries as Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Christopher Wallace and Bret Baier have repeatedly stated without wavering, “Ron Paul is unelectable.” Look no further than Jersey’s own Donald Trump to say Ron Paul can’t win an election (note to the Donald, he’s won 12).

However, just this week, Dick Morris, Republican strategist and former Clinton adviser, had the temerity to say during a radio interview that anyone who supports Ron Paul cannot be a patriot. Yet the military troops donate more to Ron Paul than the rest of the GOP candidates combined. Dick, as my father once said the universe  has a way of making sure the name lands on the right people, first starts by attacking Ron Paul’s views on the Patriot Act.

The unpopularity of the Patriot Act comes from the obvious conclusion most of us reached in 2001, it’s unconstitutional. You would think judging from the way Fox News conducts business, only Democrats want to bypass the Constitution to further their social agenda. Problem is, both parties are culpable in both the recent NDAA which allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without trial, charge or counsel and the Patriot Act. They have subverted the 4th, 5th & 6th Amendments.

Here’s the audio, fast forward to 16:04. What follows is the most idiotic, fearful and prejudiced diatribe on Ron Paul you are likely to ever hear. This goes well beyond the usual, “Ron Paul is unelectable.”

Dick Lives Up To His Name

Dick Morris and the Republican Party are so fearful Ron Paul will win the nomination and take the Oval Office out of the hands of their banking and corporate masters, they have descended into the most hateful attack methods we’ve seen so far. But Morris is dead wrong. Ron Paul did not flame his way to the top like a meteor. His message has won through consistency, persistence and education. The more people learn about the message of liberty, the more they tell their friends. As Gerald Celente predicted, 2012 will be the year of the internet candidate. Followed by some pretty negative news about the economy.

Out the heart of darkness known as Fox News arises Neil Cavuto with a coherent, intelligent, fair and reasoned response to the protectionism of the two-party system Fox News is perpetuating against the anti-establishment and threat to the status quo, Ron Paul. I wouldn’t be even mildly surprised to learn the rest of the channel is taking their orders from on high at Murder Inc. with Rupert Murdoch prone to see a significant decrease in income should Ron Paul win the election.

Not to mention the Republican Party itself despises the message of equality and liberty coming from the Champion of the Constitution after a decade of neoconservative guano crazy governance.

Witness Neil asserting fair and balanced from a channel known for anything but those:

All Ron Paul has asked for and deserves is a chance to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the candidates and the media has decreed themselves the experts on who can or can’t win the election. They have created an ignorant circular logic for their reasoning both in withholding debate time from him during the majority of debates, at one point speaking for 89 seconds of a debate hosted by CBS. Paul isn’t alone in this treatment, though he has been the most victimized, receiving fewer questions and less time than Rick Santorum, the poster boy for bigotry and hatred and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a respectable Republican if ever there was one but consistently in the bottom 3 of polls.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was told by the New Hampshire Republican Party he hadn’t met their standards for fund raising and poll numbers, thus he wouldn’t be invited to the debate. Johnson’s views are nearly identical to Ron Paul’s, keep this in mind. But what’s nauseating about that philosophy is funds raising and poll numbers are generated from debate performances, as witnessed by the stomach-turning former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich’s policies views are significantly further to the left of center, but his antagonistic approach to the debate mediators, a strong speaking presence and some form of petroleum-based charisma resulted in a bump for him in the polls and fundraising once-darling of the media Herman Cain jumped off the bridge to nowhere with his past wrapped around his neck.

Gingrich’s hypocrisy is truly astounding, yet Wolf Blitzer was nearly wetting himself with anticipation during the CNN debate Blitzer moderated and though the voters would rather vote for anyone other than Romney, he’s received about as much scrutiny from Fox News as the Moon landing.

Perry’s campaign sinks a little further every time he’s called on in a debate and his choices in hunting locations have given rise to some legitimate questions. Michele Bachmann’s hatred for 20 percent of the world’s population doesn’t carry well with the more tolerant Republicans and doesn’t resonate at all with the younger voters in most demographics.

So surprise, surprise, the media uses this week’s rise in Ron Paul’s poll numbers to bring up the old allegations of racism. Some newsletters of Paul’s written in the late 80s and 90s contained inflammatory language with racial statements. Paul has repeatedly disavowed the newsletters as having been ghostwritten and he has ad nauseum, stated he doesn’t support the statements.

Naturally, answering the question multiple times indicates to the press that you must be hiding something, so he was asked again by a CNN reporter this week. He gave the same answer, she asked again, he answered again then became frustrated with the process and ended the interview. It was nothing dramatic and nothing unexpected, the Congressman needs to mentally and emotionally prepare himself for these attacks as he represents a much bigger threat to the establishment than Bill Clinton ever did and we all know that Slick Willy never inhaled.

Regardless, Paul’s supporters so effectively lauded Cavuto for his stand against the media choosing involvement in the nomination process, over their appropriate role of reporting the events of the process, he responded Wednesday night.

I cannot say this any clearer, the press & government are complicit in the corporatism rampant in D.C. The corporations certainly play their part, but it takes a malleable press and a compliant political class for things to get as out of hand as they have. Now we have a candidate running on the platform of principles & Constitutional adherence. And the press can’t attack him enough.

Decide for yourselves if Ron Paul deserves your vote. Ask yourself if you want another corporate puppet like Gingrich or Romney, the two candidates crowned as “electable” by the press, running against the Goldman Sachs puppet currently in the Oval Office.

Do you want the Constitution as a punchline for politicians or do you want the Constitution as a restriction on the federal government? Do you want a press to tell you who they want running the country?

Do you think there’s something wrong when one personality at a major cable news network is standing up for fairness and eradication of bias? How screwed up are we when Jon Stewart really has become a voice of reason in the political sphere?

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