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President Zero Makes More Mathematically Impossible Promises Resulting in a Boost to Ron Paul’s Allure

Boy that Ivy League Goldman Sachs Puppet knows how to stir up a crowd of delusional liberals doesn’t he? In case you missed the stopover in Boulder, Colorado last night, the floundering president stopped in to speak to his adoring masses in the People’s Republic and made more promises with other people’s money.

Speaking to the growing concerns of college students from coast-to-coast that his generation may have accidentally-on-purpose duped them into thinking everyone was not only entitled to higher education, but shouldn’t have to borrow money in order to achieve it, the campaign promises flowed aplenty.

Far be it from to criticize such an accomplished individual as his Zeroship, but this man couldn’t balance a checkbook given a calculator and three days. He suggested (keep in mind Boulder is 30 square miles surrounded by reality) to the known liberal stronghold the Buffalo call home, that although times are tougher for this generation of students, the money they are obligated to pay on their student loans would be better used reviving the economy.

The reaction from the crowd of lemmings? Cheers. This couldn’t be a more clear example of exactly what’s wrong with this nation. The incumbent liberal president suggesting more free services from a government that’s so far in the red “massively overextended” would be an immeasurable improvement.

But he didn’t stop there, oh no, doing his best Max Pruss impersonation the president stated, “We cannot price the middle class out of getting an education,” he said. “Higher education shouldn’t be a luxury.”

These claims coming from a man who has never actually put his education to work in the fields in which he graduated would be laughable if they weren’t indicative of his total disconnect from the economic situation, history and what the modern liberal interpretation of Keynes’ theories have done to the country.

Not one to sit around on his laurels when there’s campaigning and new toys to play with, the wizard of no-math informed the crowd that a bound to be successful ploy to distract young voters from his utter failure to accomplish anything he promised just four years ago was launching as a White House pet project.

#DontDoubleMyRate is the hashtag they plan to use to raise awareness. It seems a number of young voters who voluntarily borrowed money for school no longer wish to pay that money back at the agreed-upon rates.

The president suggested the American people need to invest in building America for the long-term. Investing in, “things like — education,” the jester suggested. For America’s strongest financial growth, never mind the facts, definitely did not take place during a time when blue collar jobs were a strong path to the middle class.

We can’t afford to correct the real problems in this country, out of control spending, interventionist foreign policy, massive waste and fraud in federal spending, acting as a puppet for the banks, you know, business as usual; so we’re going to offer the young voters who want a free lunch a free lunch and the older voters who don’t want changes to Medicare and Social Security the status quo and we’ll just let the president elected in 2016 deal with it.

A rhetorical question, is it feasible that someone could be both eloquent and not particularly well-educated? Coming out of the Ivy League most people assume graduates to be rather intelligent. Have you ever read the First Lady’s thesis from Princeton? Here’s a digital version, here’s the scanned version.

Is this the quality of writing we are willing to accept from graduates of Ivy League universities when they purport themselves to be the best of the best?

It’s become fashionable in the media to accuse anyone critical of the president and First Lady of being racist. However, I absolutely could care less about anyone’s skin color when it comes to the destruction of the Republic of the US of A. I despised this president’s predecessor as well as his and they were as white as Larry Bird. As far as I’m concerned the Ivy League is to blame for the state of this nation as well as the military service academies.

But let us assume for a moment that the thesis of the First Lady can be used as an indicator for how well educated her husband is. When he says something like, “We’re here because someone somewhere made an investment in each other,” adding that he’s dedicated to investing in students and making sure they have the opportunities he did.

Is it not a valid assumption that perhaps he doesn’t actually know anything significant about how to run anything? What has he ever actually been responsible for? She was an absolute disaster on the national stage and I roll my eyes when I hear her name, but do you realize Caribou Barbie herself was governor of the largest state in the union?

That was more responsibility than the current president ever had in his life prior to beating Old Man River and his running mate the Exxon Valdez in 2008. An election to a position, I might add, he voluntarily pursued and has spent the majority of his administration blaming his predecessor for not making better before departing.

There exists a disconnect between the two parties and the rest of the country. The two parties know they only really care about staying in power and the rest of the country thinks the parties care about the effects of what they have to do to achieve that end. Mitt Romney isn’t a threat to the status quo. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are the status quo.

As he was giving his speech promising free higher education and happiness to the middle class, the below meme was posted on the Veterans for Ron Paul Facebook page. We have to learn the lessons of FDR and Jimmy Carter. Politicians cannot continue to use our own money against us people.

They cannot provide us with anything we cannot do ourselves. In fact, they are no different from most Americans with the exception of the fact most Americans don’t think they deserve to sit on the right hand of God. I don’t want a politician who promises the federal government will do more for me. It’s been around 236 years for crying out loud. Take a break! You’re doing it wrong!

Stop believing the hype kids. He has nothing to offer you but empty promises that lead to ruin. He is a shell of what he claims to be, you can do more for yourself with hard work and determination than any politician will do for you with someone else’s money.

(all quotes attributed to The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s Facebook page, viewed here)


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Congress Declares War on American Citizens As Fox News Continues War on Ron Paul

As the state of the American political system declines even further into Orwellian depths, the House on Wednesday passed a National Defense Appropriations Authorization or NDAA that includes two riders that have been interpreted as draconian measures allowing, wait for it, the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists without trial, charge or counsel.

Now, for those who have paid any attention at all to the goings on of Washington the last decade, you already know they’ve been carrying out this very same act in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The problem is, these riders in essence allow for this to happen to American citizens on U.S. soil and they designate the U.S. as part of the global battlefield, meaning the federal U.S. military will have the authority to carry out what have been the duties of law enforcement since Posse Comitatus was signed into law.

The uproar on Facebook was actually somewhat inspiring for a Constitution advocate such as myself. It was refreshing to see so many people broken out of their everyday stupor by something as destructive to civil liberties as this bill. In about two hours, I had a dozen devout liberals tell me if Zero signs the bill into law they will vote for Ron Paul if given the opportunity.

Which brings me to the vile and fetid stench of Fox News. It comes as no surprise the mainstream media believes they are best qualified to declare who will and will not be nominated by the Republican establishment. The problem is, for the last century the people have listened to the mainstream media and they certainly listened to Fox News in 2008 and they were reasonably and appropriately disgusted with the party’s choice of John McCain (the very same John McCain who introduced the NDAA referenced above I might add).

This year, Ron Paul’s supporters have taken on the task of slaying the dragon of the media’s endorsement. Saying, in effect and to quote Nigel Farage, “Who in the bloody hell do you people think you are?!” Fox News has every right to conduct themselves as the farcical news organization they’ve embraced becoming. Here we have Chris “Hater” Wallace, explaining to Neil Cavuto and attempting to discourage anyone with an open mind from voting for Dr. Paul because Rupert Murdoch does not want a Constitutional champion like Paul in the Oval Office.

They’ll gleefully support an immoral, flip flopping, inconsistent, blowhard, condescending, hypocritical jackal like Newt Gingrich or the perpetual also-ran Mitt Romney, who started campaigning for the Oval Office in 1984. They’ll also go out of their way to televise the hijacked Tea Party rallies calling for Constitutional adherence, limited government, lower taxes and the like.

But when Ron Paul comes along, advocating Constitutional adherence, limited government and lower taxes, they literally portray him as unelectable. Well I’ve got news for you Fox News, and particularly you Chris Wallace, you arrogant sensationalist scum, the Independents and unaffiliated are going to decide this election, as will many of the Democrats. And guess what?

They don’t like Gingrich or Romney. They like the guy who wants Americans to know their government isn’t going to throw them in the clink for a decade for espousing Libertarian views.

For the record, and because it is not possible to refuse Chuck Norris, a video showing how much support Ron Paul really does have.

Notice how every, single, GOP candidate, has taken ideas straight from Ron Paul?

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