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And Then There Were Two: Gingrich Drops Out, the Entire Republican Party Machine is Now Focused on Suppressing the Paul Campaign

Newt’s gone. This has easily surpassed the most attention I’ve ever given to a nomination process and it hasn’t disappointed for frustration with the media and voters. At times I’ve had to remind myself how insurmountable the odds have been against a Ron Paul nomination. I make no bones about it.

I sincerely believe if Paul emerged as the nominee in Tampa, the GOP would discretely support the sitting president rather than have an anti-statist, anti-interventionist, strict-constructionist like Ron Paul potentially influencing generations of voters to come with his message of peace, love, controlled spending, non-intervention and liberty.

So through all the crap scattered by the party fan hoping for anyone but Mitt, Dr. Paul has emerged still speaking to his message, still packing in the crowds of young voters eager to hear a message of true and dedicated change and still raising money. He’s not going anywhere and why should he? Because the same GOP and propaganda arm Fox News say he should?

This is a party that wholly abandoned their principles in 2001 and have drifted left at maximum warp ever since. They don’t want to admit it, cretins like Dick Morris scoff when Paul accurately labels him a statist. Sorry Dick, but when you advocated drug testing every high school student in America, you were advocating statism.

What do we have left? Two indistinguishable left-of-center Ivy League educated, well-connected, TBTF bank supported puppets bickering over who will command the military, appoint judges and ignore Constitutional restraints from 2013-2017. Wonderful. At least we can count on Mitt to pick a solid VP from the myriad smorgasbord of potential candidates right?

Wrong. Marco Rubio, another RINO, gave a speech that indicates what most of the awakened Americans already knew, the Republican Party is just as incompetent and horrible for the country as their Democrat counterparts.

He gave this speech yesterday at the Brookings Institute and by all rights he advocated the a foreign policy so interventionist it would make J. Edgar Hoover weep for joy. It makes George Orwell look like the architect for modern government, rather than an author who warned us.

Pay attention to the specific language Rubio used, “I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business,” he said. This is a potential candidate for VP suggesting the federal government of the US has a need, nevermind a right, to know what is going on all over the world. He specifically identified tiny hamlets in Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen.

What?! It’s difficult to remain calm knowing these are the people making decisions that effect us all, but the American people began voting for the services politicians promised to provide with other people’s money when FDR came to power and that’s really all you need to know. We collectively have not shown any interest in voting for candidates who reflect sound moral conscience.

The parties encourage this behavior of course. In New York this week a county chairman for the GOP robocalled voters saying every candidate had dropped out except Mitt Romney. Dr. Paul is still in the race, still raising money and still racking up the delegates, so why would they lie?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing circles the wagons of the status quo like a threat to their power. Sound money, non-intervention, the end of bailouts, massive and substantive spending cuts, the end of cronyism and a non-puppet president would be devastating to the corporations and banks who have had their hand in the puppets for the last several decades.

They would have to generate a profit using sound business principles instead of having the two party system legislate new moral hazards that remove the liability from failure. Ron Paul doesn’t want to put them out of business, but he certainly plans to put the lobbyists and special interests on long-term vacation. His veto pen would be kept warm from friction with this Ship of Fools in Congress.

Congratulations Dr. Paul, you outlasted every RINO but one and now they’re going to have to cheat to keep you from making one hell of a fine mess in Tampa. Cleanup on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Next up? Let’s see what happens in Texas. The backyard of Rick Perry, Shrub and Hedge is Paul’s neighborhood, but don’t expect the GOP to pay fair. The game plan is to toss the rule book and do whatever it takes to put the Goldman Sachs puppet up against … the other Goldman Sachs puppet.


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Ron Paul is the Candidate for 4/20 Supporters

Today and as I write this, stoners, pot-heads, dopers, hippies and the like shall celebrate their support and involvement in pot culture by sparking up in public though many still in private.

Something this massive group of people who would support him just for this pragmatic stance on the drug war won’t think about is their presidential candidate. However, this year it’s no contest amongst the three Republicans nor even the lone Democrat for this personal liberty.

Ron Paul is an adamant critic of the costly and egregiously stupid War on Drugs. (or more appropriately the, “protecting the profit margins of major pharmaceutical and alcoholic beverage companies against less controlled substances they can’t profit from”-war.)

There cannot be a bigger freedom than doing what you want, with your own body as long as it doesn’t hurt or risk hurting other people. Beyond that foundation of his argument against the drug war, Paul also cites the fact if it’s going to be a law, it should be up to the states, but certainly not the federal government, because it’s not in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

He additionally calls for an end to the drug war purely because it isn’t working. It isn’t worth the cost to put money into the hands of criminal organizations untaxed by the same arm of government that’s trying to stop it from coming in. Cut the drug spending, stop filling the prisons, stop doing it in the name of “public good” when entire sections of major cities are known to be high-crime simply because you’ve funded these criminal organizations and their operations in areas with low-education, low-income families.

You’ve created this mess federal government. And part of the reason the Republicans are doing their best to sabotage any chance he has in the very state the last “D.C. outsider” Caribou Barbie was plucked from, is because at very high levels, those profitable drug companies are plugged directly into the two parties and have a powerful influence on our greedy, stupid and neutered politicians.

Palin, btw, is exactly what the Republicans want and Americans somehow convince themselves is a good person to run a country of 300 million. She’s not, she’s just not up for it folks. She’d have tanks in the streets in months.

I digress. For those of you inclined to spark one up today, or even those of you who support their right to, you want to look into Ron Paul. He’s the only one with the right solutions. Mitt Romney? He and Clown Zero are the chocolate and vanilla flavor of the same cookie.

You couldn’t tell these apart any better than you could a blind taste test of equestrian and bovine poop, and you shouldn’t and don’t have to, because there’s a perfectly delicious option on the plate this year if you can get your poop in a group longer than the four hours and twenty minutes your high will last today.

Ron Paul wants to end the war on drugs. Know what he thinks about our friend cannabis specifically? Less dangerous than alcohol. Right?! Like where’ve you been all my life?! Total brocrush on Doc. Ron Paul is the warning your parents should have fired to the status quo in the 60s and 70s. Ron Paul is the defender of the Constitution. Don’t vote for another Goldman Sachs/GM/Pfizer puppet.

Get registered Republican if there’s still time to for your primary or caucus and get in to be a delegate. You’re not bound in most states to the candidate who wins your straw poll but check with the Paul campaign staff in your state. Put your money behind the candidate you think is best for personal choices and protections at the federal level.

Dr. Paul’s first act in office would be to pardon everyone in prison for a non-violent, drug-related crime. Know what that’s going to do for spending? The economy with organized crime losing most of their profits overnight? You’ve also just made the price of marijuana about 1/10 what it is now, less actually. I was told an ounce goes for around $15 in Amsterdam just last night by a friend from Holland. How insane is that?!

Of course, naturally some states would ban everything again, (hello Utah! hello Bible Belt!), but most wouldn’t bother with weed unless it was to tax it, which is fair if the alcohol tax is fair, which it’s mostly state, so, yeah, maybe. At any rate. you know what to do. Enjoy the day, go get em Monday.

The current administration blames American gun stores and companies for the violence in Mexico between drug gangs. South and Central America want the U.S. to consider another direction on the drug war. Zero laughed in their faces and said it’s not happening. Ron Paul? He knows the Mexican drug cartels wouldn’t have any power if the federal drug laws didn’t exist. (Nevermind the role his administration played in many of those firearms making it to Mexico in Operation Fast & Furious)

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Santorum Supporters Ensure Ron Paul’s Colorado Delegate Coup Catches Attention of Mainstream Press

The Colorado and Minnesota Republican conventions were held this weekend and despite the press having declared Mitt Romney the GOP nominee seemingly in early 2009, the events did not go as planned for the Republican Party.

Though it’s certainly impossible to tell with any degree of certainty how all of this is going to play out, one thing is for sure, Ron Paul’s campaign is organized, intelligent, informed and savvy. They obviously spent a great deal of time learning the rules and they have come to this game to play.

I fully expect the GOP to come out with guns blazing henceforth, the party’s power brokers are no more interested in a Paul presidency than the Yankees and Red Sox are in seeing a Royals/Diamondbacks World Series.

The most interesting effect of the conventions (Paul/Santorum delegates took 20 of 33 primary delegate slots including two slots on the rule making committee and the Delegation Chairman) was forcing the mainstream press (Old Media) to finally catch up to what many of those seeking accurate and timely information online (New Media) have known for quite some time, Romney hasn’t won anything substantive yet. The Examiner’s story is here and The Denver Post‘s piece here.

Far be it from me to suggest a conspiracy, but the Old Media continues to treat this like every other election, it’s not. This is different. The economy is still in the crapper, the president who promised to uphold the Constitution and civil liberties has become the most pro-war president of the last century and has authorized the assassination and indefinite detention of American citizens. In the meantime, many people have recognized the odorous emanations indicating something is rotten in D.C. and have begun seeking information in the New Media.

What have they found? Transcripts, interviews, speeches, writings, sound bites and a multitude of user-generated content showing Dr. Paul isn’t just a legitimate threat to Mitt Romney’s nomination, he is a direct threat to the establishment of crony capitalism, indefinite wars, Constitutional rights violations, interventionist foreign policies, etc. A number of very wealthy people who have become even more wealthy by buying the legislators and executives of the last several decades stand to lose a lot of future income with a Paul presidency.

I sincerely believe this is partially to blame for the media’s blackout treatment. Ron Paul’s coalition in Minnesota? Took nine of nine delegate seats. A sweep. The GOP rewrote the rules of the caucuses to ensure Mitt Romney wouldn’t lose the southern states for being Mormon. They created the system, Ron Paul is using their rules against them.

Observe the “unelectable” Ron Paul at Texas A&M:

You think Mitt Romney is going to have a crowd this size anywhere in the US? UCLA filled their tennis stadium to capacity and turned people away, Texas A&M? They haven’t had attendance like this for anything outside of Kyle Stadium in a very long time, I’m sure.

In the midst of introducing Dr. Paul, the student body president shared a story. When he won the election last spring, Dr. Paul’s granddaughter informed him he was going to get a call and he was going to want to answer it. Ron Paul was on the other end congratulating him for his win.

Would Newt, Rick or Mitt do anything like that? Clown Zero in D.C. wouldn’t do something like that without issuing a press release. Dr. Paul is exactly the type of president we have always needed. A tough, idealistically consistent everyman dedicated to enforcing his oath to “Support and defend the Constitution …” both during his time in the USAF and his time as a Congressman.

This isn’t over folks. And at the absolute worst, we’re going to fire a warning shot to the rotten two party monopoly. It started before the news of the conventions.


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Ron Paul’s Campaign Was Misguided from the Beginning

As the Super Tuesday Caucus and Primary results rolled in showing no major surprises with the detestable poster boy for Ultra-Religious Right Wing Bigotry Sen. Froth winning two bible-belt states and North Dakota and Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs’ Manchurian Candidate Romney taking six of the other states while Mr. Morality Fig Newton took Georgia, a state he once represented in the House, a startling thought occurred to me out of the blue.

Ron Paul should never have run for POTUS. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore the man and I sincerely believe he’s the only honorable man running on a platform of Constitutional adherence and tolerance of others. But the simple truth is, it’s going to take a billion dollars to buy … err … win the Oval Office in 2012 and Dr. Paul’s fervent followers only managed to raise $32 million for this campaign.

The reality of the situation is POTUS is a mostly meaningless political office unless you’re a narcissist like Comrade Zero or Mr. Morality and have the will to simply ignore what Congress does or wants. I’m not certain Romney has the capacity, though I’m certain Frothy does, to simply issue orders in defiance of the Constitution, common sense or any of the other binding laws the last two presidents simply disregarded when they became inconvenient.

So why should Paul have never run? Simple. For $32 million he’s going to spread his message to perhaps another 10 percent of the population actively engaged in politics at best. He’s likely going to have a platform at the RNC in Tampa and may even be granted a major speaking slot, though I doubt the GOP has any desire to allow such an opportunity. Let’s face it, corruption is the stain on both statist parties. The wolves, as the saying goes, are arguing over dinner while the sheep slumber on.

The Republican Party will not allow Paul to win, regardless of how many delegates he gets. So what should he have done differently? He should have harnessed his following and put the $32 million toward winning as many seats in the House as possible. A quick look through opensecrets.org shows the majority of candidates have raised significantly less than a million smackeroos each thus far, a trend which will surely change as we approach the elections in November.

But not all of the seats in the House will go to highly contested seats with significant fund raising campaigns. What I think Paul should have done or should consider doing if his popularity continues to grow in 2014, is push the fund raising as he has for the last 4 years, but instead of focusing on the most powerful office on the planet, he should instead hand-select candidates he trusts to stick to the principles so many of us support out of the districts with candidates raising the least amount of money.

The correlation of fund raising to winning elections is obvious, not impenetrable, but obvious. If you raise more money than your opponent, you’re probably going to win. Thus, the $32 million raised for the 2012 POTUS campaign, might represent as many as 64 seats in the House. Now you want to talk about changing the discourse? The Tea Party hacks like Colorado’s Cory Gardner demonstrating all the Constitutional understanding of a nightcrawler would be shredded on the floor by the Don’t Tread On Me Congressional Caucus.

It might only last one session, but the simple truth is, it’s going to be much easier to take back Congress than the White House and the federal government is intended to be a Congress-run government anyway. War Declarations, the purse strings and the veto-override are all to be found within Article 1. I say it’s time to piss off the statists in both parties and take back the House.

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Bill O’Reilly, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity vs. Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart and Ron Paul

As news emerged of Ron Paul’s slow but sure ascent to the top of the Iowa polls, the mainstream media’s efforts to undermine his legitimacy as a candidate slowly accelerated in intensity and rate. For the last several years such luminaries as Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Christopher Wallace and Bret Baier have repeatedly stated without wavering, “Ron Paul is unelectable.” Look no further than Jersey’s own Donald Trump to say Ron Paul can’t win an election (note to the Donald, he’s won 12).

However, just this week, Dick Morris, Republican strategist and former Clinton adviser, had the temerity to say during a radio interview that anyone who supports Ron Paul cannot be a patriot. Yet the military troops donate more to Ron Paul than the rest of the GOP candidates combined. Dick, as my father once said the universe  has a way of making sure the name lands on the right people, first starts by attacking Ron Paul’s views on the Patriot Act.

The unpopularity of the Patriot Act comes from the obvious conclusion most of us reached in 2001, it’s unconstitutional. You would think judging from the way Fox News conducts business, only Democrats want to bypass the Constitution to further their social agenda. Problem is, both parties are culpable in both the recent NDAA which allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without trial, charge or counsel and the Patriot Act. They have subverted the 4th, 5th & 6th Amendments.

Here’s the audio, fast forward to 16:04. What follows is the most idiotic, fearful and prejudiced diatribe on Ron Paul you are likely to ever hear. This goes well beyond the usual, “Ron Paul is unelectable.”

Dick Lives Up To His Name

Dick Morris and the Republican Party are so fearful Ron Paul will win the nomination and take the Oval Office out of the hands of their banking and corporate masters, they have descended into the most hateful attack methods we’ve seen so far. But Morris is dead wrong. Ron Paul did not flame his way to the top like a meteor. His message has won through consistency, persistence and education. The more people learn about the message of liberty, the more they tell their friends. As Gerald Celente predicted, 2012 will be the year of the internet candidate. Followed by some pretty negative news about the economy.

Out the heart of darkness known as Fox News arises Neil Cavuto with a coherent, intelligent, fair and reasoned response to the protectionism of the two-party system Fox News is perpetuating against the anti-establishment and threat to the status quo, Ron Paul. I wouldn’t be even mildly surprised to learn the rest of the channel is taking their orders from on high at Murder Inc. with Rupert Murdoch prone to see a significant decrease in income should Ron Paul win the election.

Not to mention the Republican Party itself despises the message of equality and liberty coming from the Champion of the Constitution after a decade of neoconservative guano crazy governance.

Witness Neil asserting fair and balanced from a channel known for anything but those:

All Ron Paul has asked for and deserves is a chance to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the candidates and the media has decreed themselves the experts on who can or can’t win the election. They have created an ignorant circular logic for their reasoning both in withholding debate time from him during the majority of debates, at one point speaking for 89 seconds of a debate hosted by CBS. Paul isn’t alone in this treatment, though he has been the most victimized, receiving fewer questions and less time than Rick Santorum, the poster boy for bigotry and hatred and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a respectable Republican if ever there was one but consistently in the bottom 3 of polls.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was told by the New Hampshire Republican Party he hadn’t met their standards for fund raising and poll numbers, thus he wouldn’t be invited to the debate. Johnson’s views are nearly identical to Ron Paul’s, keep this in mind. But what’s nauseating about that philosophy is funds raising and poll numbers are generated from debate performances, as witnessed by the stomach-turning former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich’s policies views are significantly further to the left of center, but his antagonistic approach to the debate mediators, a strong speaking presence and some form of petroleum-based charisma resulted in a bump for him in the polls and fundraising once-darling of the media Herman Cain jumped off the bridge to nowhere with his past wrapped around his neck.

Gingrich’s hypocrisy is truly astounding, yet Wolf Blitzer was nearly wetting himself with anticipation during the CNN debate Blitzer moderated and though the voters would rather vote for anyone other than Romney, he’s received about as much scrutiny from Fox News as the Moon landing.

Perry’s campaign sinks a little further every time he’s called on in a debate and his choices in hunting locations have given rise to some legitimate questions. Michele Bachmann’s hatred for 20 percent of the world’s population doesn’t carry well with the more tolerant Republicans and doesn’t resonate at all with the younger voters in most demographics.

So surprise, surprise, the media uses this week’s rise in Ron Paul’s poll numbers to bring up the old allegations of racism. Some newsletters of Paul’s written in the late 80s and 90s contained inflammatory language with racial statements. Paul has repeatedly disavowed the newsletters as having been ghostwritten and he has ad nauseum, stated he doesn’t support the statements.

Naturally, answering the question multiple times indicates to the press that you must be hiding something, so he was asked again by a CNN reporter this week. He gave the same answer, she asked again, he answered again then became frustrated with the process and ended the interview. It was nothing dramatic and nothing unexpected, the Congressman needs to mentally and emotionally prepare himself for these attacks as he represents a much bigger threat to the establishment than Bill Clinton ever did and we all know that Slick Willy never inhaled.

Regardless, Paul’s supporters so effectively lauded Cavuto for his stand against the media choosing involvement in the nomination process, over their appropriate role of reporting the events of the process, he responded Wednesday night.

I cannot say this any clearer, the press & government are complicit in the corporatism rampant in D.C. The corporations certainly play their part, but it takes a malleable press and a compliant political class for things to get as out of hand as they have. Now we have a candidate running on the platform of principles & Constitutional adherence. And the press can’t attack him enough.

Decide for yourselves if Ron Paul deserves your vote. Ask yourself if you want another corporate puppet like Gingrich or Romney, the two candidates crowned as “electable” by the press, running against the Goldman Sachs puppet currently in the Oval Office.

Do you want the Constitution as a punchline for politicians or do you want the Constitution as a restriction on the federal government? Do you want a press to tell you who they want running the country?

Do you think there’s something wrong when one personality at a major cable news network is standing up for fairness and eradication of bias? How screwed up are we when Jon Stewart really has become a voice of reason in the political sphere?

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Bradley Manning; Ron Paul First in Iowa Despite Fox News and the Republican Party; Kim Jong Il Calls in Dead and Tim Tebow Carries On

There once was a time in America when the goings on of government were reported with somewhat acceptable accuracy, analysis was conducted by writers and broadcast personalities and the product fed to the American people, though several days or weeks behind, was somewhat useful.

(Snicker) Sorry, I can’t believe I actually wrote that sentence. At any rate, the founding fathers recognized that in order for the people to hold their government accountable, the press needed to have protections from government in order to provide such information. Admittedly, they occasionally screwed everything up with a Sedition or Espionage or other form of act which severely intruded upon the freedom of the press, but they at least had the right to report, even if the government controlled the information quite well.

Fast forward a little over two centuries and the government has written so many laws to protect what they do behind closed doors, it’s a miracle when anything even mildly controversial slips out. Hence the uproar over Army Pfc. Bradley Manning allegedly providing modern miracle Wikileaks with massive amounts of information the federal government has been, shall we say, embarrassed as hell to have see the light of day.

Manning has reportedly been treated quite shoddily by his guards since he was placed in pre-trial confinement in May 2010. This isn’t much of a surprise, the military is second-to-none in their ability to indoctrinate enlisted and officer alike into believing the agency is benevolent and to allow civilians to know what happens in combat should be considered treasonous.

Though I certainly support virtually any non-violent attempt to overthrow the government at present, the reality is Manning admitted to transferring information to the fine folks at Wikileaks and though the words and gestures of the US government and Army were certainly undermined by the release, the information thus far has proven mostly embarrassing, not dangerous.

When we allow someone who brought to light questionable behavior on behalf of our government that otherwise would not have been known, there are issues. Anytime an entity begins to behave as heresy against them is possible, the entity has grown too far and they take themselves far too seriously.

Speaking of heresy, this poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, indicates Ron Paul has climbed into sole possession of first place in Iowa. Despite the desires, wishes and intent of the Republican Party and Fox News, the GOP’s propaganda arm, Paul’s popularity is continuing its steady growth and Gerald Celente’s prediction that 2012 would be the year of the internet candidate, is proving true.

Regardless of the statist leanings of both parties with an appropriations bill passed last week allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, charge or counsel; and now SOPA granting authority over the internet to the federal government, many Americans on the periphery of politics were jarred out of their slumber last week and have remembered the Constitution is a limit on the federal government and a protection for the people, not the starting point on government power Congress believes it to be.

Fox News blogger John Leboutillier believes Gingrich’s support was coming from the primary voters who aren’t very happy with the Republican Party. The problem is, the Party would love to see Gingrich win the nomination. Read the blog here.

However, Friday evening Ron Paul visited the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and knocked his interview out of the park. He was followed by Joe Rogan, who wholeheartedly endorsed the Congressman from Texas, but it was refreshing to see how well Ron Paul explains his policies and how well he understands the effects of the interconnected activities of the federal government. Paul’s appearance bolstered his Tea Party Day moneybomb and he raised over $4 million during the weekend.

As if Sunday weren’t news heavy already, news from North Korea, Supreme Extraterrestrial Dictator For Eternity Kim Jong Il suffered a heart attack Friday morning aboard a train and was announced dead to the world Sunday afternoon.

The effect his death will have in the nation and region will remain unknown as his youngest son and daughter were poised to take control. His son is rumored to be just as ruthless.

And with the fall of a notorious dictator came the fall of a popular Denver sports team Sunday afternoon when New England’s Patriots came into Denver and beat the Broncos. This was no small feat as Tom Brady & Bill Belichick have losing records to only one franchise in the NFL, and that’s the Broncos. Tebow actually played well and was humble as the week before during his post-game press conference.

Saturday Night Live put together a relatively funny skit for the first time in a while. Though I don’t think it’s entirely fair to Tim Tebow, the media haven’t been terribly accurate in their reporting either (surprise). Enjoy.

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Ron Paul’s Performance at Republican Debate Highlights Flaws of Christopher Hitchens’ Philosophy

Christopher Hitchens was quite outspoken about the danger he foresaw were an extremist theocracy such as Iran to attain a nuclear weapon while at the same time, he supported the Iranian people’s human rights. Hitchens passed away Thursday, succumbing to cancer at the age of 62.

In this video, Hitchens highlighted some of the issues he had with the Iranian government. While he speaks to the unrest among the Iranian people, he very eloquently frames many of the issues that have arisen as a result of the decisions of the Mullahs.

Hitchens, well beyond the understanding of every GOP candidate other than Ron Paul, comprehends the difference between the Iranian people and the Iranian government. Unfortunately, Hitchens advocated U.S. intervention in Iran as he believed the same Iranian government presenting the biggest threat to the Iranian people, he considered the Iranian leadership to be madmen. Hitchens, it bears mentioning, was a passionate atheist.

The video closes with Hitchens asking a question. Which is a bigger threat? A nuclear Iran or an Iran told they cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

By and large the rest of the GOP stands with the late Mr. Hitchens who is, far and away, much better at explaining the issue, though he comes up short of presenting a solution. In the following video, he again highlights the many issues behind the feared combination of Iran and nuclear.

For Hitchens, Israel a pseudo-theocracy, doesn’t present as much of a threat for having nuclear weapons because the government treats the citizens better. An interesting philosophy, but I won’t speak ill of the recently deceased. (unless it’s Teddy Kennedy, he earned it, RIH Teddy)

Ron Paul, however, appeals to those who are tired of war. Though the Republican hawks of a strong national security policy including preemption are popular amongst a specific sector of the Republican base, the rest of the nation has grown tired of being at war. Not only does Paul speak against the tough talk the rest of the candidates are willing to have broadcast around the world, including, one assumes, to Iran; he has stated repeatedly he wants to end all foreign aid, including to Israel, in order to allow sovereign nations to work with each to resolve their differences.

He went toe-to-toe with Bachmann last night and accurately called her out for drumming up war propaganda much as the Bush Administration did before going into Iraq for weapons of mass destruction they, “knew without a doubt” Saddam Hussein’s government possessed.

Bachmann states with certainty that were Iran to attain a nuclear weapon they would wipe Israel off the map and would use it to attack the U.S. The problem with that statement is the Israelis, without U.S. interference, have proven perfectly capable of defending their own borders. Not only are they capable, but they are entirely willing.

The withdrawal of the U.S. government from the Middle East would force the rest of the nations with strategic interests to assist in the peacemaking process. We’re currently paying Egypt to play nice with Israel, while borrowing every penny from China. Huh?

Ron Paul is the sole candidate for peace between the two parties. This alone gives him broad appeal neither the sitting president, nor any of the other GOP candidates have with independent, third party and unaffiliated voters, you know, the people who actually decide general elections.

Now what’s interesting is Congress, that is the senate and the House of Representatives, may have provided a major boost to Ron Paul’s campaign this week with the passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Appropriations Authorization, which includes language allowing the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism or supporting terrorism without trial, charge or counsel.

Meaning if the Dept. of Justice brands you a suspected terrorist in a year because you fall under one of these descriptions, you may very well land on Guantanamo Bay without anyone knowing. Yes, this is the extreme interpretation, yes, it is appropriate to look at any law generated by Congress in the most extreme situation possible because they sure as hell aren’t doing it.

Last of all, after the debate in the spin room, Sean Hannity, another talking head at Fox News who doesn’t like the idea of a true pacifist unwilling to flaunt the Constitution in order to send American military to other parts of the world to preemptively attack possible future threats, interviewed Ron Paul.

Hannity isn’t someone I like, in fact, I think he and virtually everyone at Fox News aside from Judge Andrew Napolitano are scum. O’Reilly, Hannity, et al, are neocon right wing hacks who would gladly vote for the downright evil Dick Cheney were he to run for office again.

The tone of Hannity’s interview is similar to Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and the other moderators who really are doing everything they can to paint Paul as unelectable. They continue to press him to say he will put the party before his principles and the man is steadfastly refusing, as he damned well should. The rest of the Republican Party has no integrity to speak of.

What the propaganda arm of the Republican Party forgets (talking about Fox News) is a significant portion of Americans are disenfranchised not only with the Democrat with no discernible record who said he would bring “hope & change” to D.C., but with the Republicans who only found the religion of lower spending and lower taxes after a Democrat took the White House.

You folks just don’t seem to get it. We’re tired of picking between the bowl of poo and its reflection in the mirror, if many of us had our way, everybody in D.C. would be fired aside from the Pauls, Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders. I can’t stand Sanders myself, but he’s consistent in his ability to be on the wrong side of many issues. The rest of the politicians are far too much like Romney & Gingrich, flip flopping depending on the audience.

If you’re disgusted by the passage of the indefinite detention act, if you’re tired of choosing between politicians instead of leaders and if you really want to piss off either the Democrats or Republicans, donate to Ron Paul’s moneybomb today here. This man may very well be the last hope of the Constitution.


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