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Ron Paul Delegate Success Harasses GOP into Threatening to Break Party Rules; Why Reality TV Fans Should Follow The Republican Primary

Ron Paul’s successes in the last month have gotten under the skin of the GOP. As their shenanigans to counter his success will undoubtedly gather steam in short order (they’ve already started), Ben Swann of Cincinnati’s Fox 19 Evening News exposed a few facts inconvenient to the GOP’s agenda of a Romney nomination.

Something awesome, this was comes.

For those of you who have a tendency to lean toward reality television or other pseudo-scripted drama, you want to start paying attention to the Republican Party process through the August convention in Tampa. Ron Paul had a very straightforward, open, declared and practical plan for the primary process and it’s paying dividends.

This letter was sent to the Maine state delegates and alternates this week.

When the pine beetles infested Colorado forests a few years back (they proceeded to decimate the forests and continue to do so), the pine trees responded to attacks by attempting to “bleed” out the parasites by pushing sap out as a natural defense. The eventual effect is the pine tree is dead, dry and standing tinder waiting to be knocked over by high winds or burnt to ashes by wildfire.

Rachel Maddow continues to be the only big time talking head willing to report the Paul campaign victories with veracity.

The Republican pine forests are becoming awful red.

Just for pure entertainment, this highly amusing clip of Shepherd Smith announcing Newt Gingrich’s campaign suspension.

Politics … is weird … and creepy.


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Ron Paul Ignored In Yet Another Debate, Let’s Shake Things Up

I feel I can mostly summarize the uselessness that is Herman Cain with this single link. Cain is infinitely more qualified to head the executive branch of the federal government than the current office holder as he has actually accomplished much in the private sector and has made difficult decisions.

However, he made comments on Jay Leno last week indicating he’s bought off on the media’s prejudice against Ron Paul. Chris Wallace of FoxNews gave Cain a chance to clarify his remarks:

What’s particularly galling about this prejudice against Paul is we are still 13 months away from the election and they insist he’s already an also ran. The reality is much different. Now his supporters are getting pissed and we’re pushing forward with a plan to hijack the primaries.

If you are any party other than Republican and you like Ron Paul’s message, hate either Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, or even better, really despise the Republican Party, ask yourself if you’d take the chance to really screw with their party at no cost to yourself. The Democratic Party typically doesn’t roll out significantly different candidates. With the exception of Dennis Kucinich, the vast majority of the party’s candidates regurgitate the party lines.

However, it’s beyond obvious now that Ron Paul isn’t going to pander to the voters. He doesn’t care if you’re gay or want to get married, he’s tired of the wars and wants to bring the military home, he wants to level the playing field so all Americans can find prosperity and he wants the federal government to get back to its intended purpose of providing for the state governments collectively what they cannot do individually. He wants sound money and he is not beholden to banks or corporations as they do not support him.

What better Republican could a Democrat, Socialist, Green, Constitution, Peace & Freedom or even Communist Party choose? So, here’s the deal, get registered to vote as soon as possible. But register Republican. You have to be registered prior to November 7, 2011, to vote in the primaries last I saw so do this immediately. Colorado’s voter registration can be done online here.

This will work if the word spreads. Consider this the biggest “eff you” to the Republican Party in history. It will absolutely rattle their cages and with luck, they’ll commit a crime to suppress the support we can generate for Ron Paul. Whether you do it because you hate the former president or because you, like me, have grown nauseated by the GOP’s kowtowing to banks and corporations. It doesn’t matter why you do it, but you absolutely must do it now and talk as many friends into it as possible.

The Republican Party would rather see the current president re-elected than Ron Paul nominated for their party. Isn’t that a pretty good motivator? Wouldn’t you love to see the faces as he starts taking down primaries with record numbers? You don’t have to support him as your own candidate, don’t campaign for him if you don’t like his views, but recognize the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Ron Paul is absolutely the enemy of the Republican Party, that makes him your friend.

It’s time to stand up to the two party bully. The media tells us Ron Paul is unelectable. Why? Because he doesn’t have the support of their parent companies who despise the anti-corporatism Ron Paul stands for and the honesty the banks would have to revert to if he were able to return the system to a true free market where CONgress doesn’t rig the game in their favor anymore.

Occupy Wall Street? Wall Street occupies D.C. Ron Paul could be the new sheriff in that town with our help. Embrace your inner-rebel!

Sing it Aimee.

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